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My girls love to build. I am amazed at what they can do with a few blocks and their imagination. Houses,  towers, bridges, butterflies and beyond. Despite their three year age difference, building is something that brings them together for play.

I hadn’t really thought about buying magnetic blocks before… and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get them sooner!

Magicube review

What are Magicube building blocks?

Quite simply, Magicube building blocks are brilliant. They are magnetic so the blocks easily snap together as soon as you hold them close to each other. The magnets are strong enough to hold the blocks together but not so strong that you require superhuman strength to pry them apart.

The blocks are all the same size and you can get them in a variety of different designs and quantities. We had the Geomag Magicube Free Building 27 Cubes.

There were pictures of different things to build on the box, but then really, it’s up to your own imagination!

Magicube building blocks

Playing blocks for toddlers

Toddlers love playing with blocks… they love building them high and knocking them down. So how does Magicube ‘stack up’ for the destructive toddler age group?

My 3-year-old loved them. She didn’t have to worry about trying to click the Magicube blocks together… because the blocks do all the work. While she was really just building “caterpillars” (i.e. straight lines of blocks) or helping her big sister by adding blocks to her creations (whether they were wanted or not) she really did enjoy playing with them.

Usually if she is choosing her own toys to play with she will stick with dolls or soft toys… but I noticed on more than one occasion that she pulled the Magicube blocks out of the cupboard to start creating with. So that’s about as a good an endorsement as you can get from a three-year-old!

Magnetic blocks

Magnetic blocks spark problem-solving

For my older daughter (almost six-years-old), I really saw her problem-solving skills come to the fore when she was playing with Magicube.

Some of the designs were quite challenging to construct. While they would stand up once fully constructed, you need to support elements of the design while you are in the process of building. Initially, she was frustrated, but once we worked through it together she was full steam ahead trying the different patterns and coming up with her own.

She quite enjoyed playing with the colours and creating different patterns. And both my girls enjoyed knocking down their towers once they were built. It’s a different type of satisfaction to when you knock down a tower of wooden building blocks but they loved watching how the blocks fell and jumping straight in to start again.

Geomag Magicube

Magicube review from a parent’s perspective

I’ve covered a few of my favourite features above but there are a few other things that really stand out to me as a parent:

  • Because the Magicube blocks are magnetic, packing them away and storing them neatly is very easy. The blocks naturally click together so you aren’t trying to stack blocks into a container or deal with odd shapes that don’t easily organise in the space you have.
  • There are a number of key learning areas you can target with Magicube. The free building blocks that we have, feature a different colour on each side so you can teach colours. There is a STEM element with the building. And then independent play because as a parent you don’t have to step in to help connect blocks.
  • It’s actually quite fun to sit and play with the blocks yourself. You can quickly throw a design together or just clip the blocks together over and over again. I may have played with the Magicube blocks by myself once the kids had gone to bed…

Playing blocks for toddlers

Overall, we loved the Magicube blocks. They are appropriate for a range of ages and give kids a blank canvas for tapping into their imagination and creating spectacular masterpieces that they can be proud of… even if that masterpiece is just a line of blocks on the ground, I mean a caterpillar.

Thanks to Magicube I have one Free Building 27 piece set valued at $79.99 to giveaway! Head on over to this post on Facebook to enter.

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