My journey into the world of Instagram is a relatively new one. Many months ago I had joined and was using it to convert my poorly taken iPhone 3 photos into not so poorly taken photos. It wasn’t until I logged on recently that I realised how big the app has become as a great tool for taking and sharing photos.

The problem is that after all the effort of capturing those moments, adding different effects and uploading them you don’t really want them just sitting in your Instagram account. Whether you are a budding photographer or just love taking snaps of your family and friends, PosterCandy lets you turn all your favourite Instagram shots into a professionally-printed high-quality poster.

“We take photos because we want to remember those special moments and share them with our family and friends, but often they stay in our cameras, computers or photo albums, never to be seen again,” says David Leach, founder of PosterCandy. “With PosterCandy, you can showcase all of your memories out in the open so that they become a focal attraction in your home, and your life.”



Powered by Look Print (Australia), the posters are made via a website ( that links to your Instagram account to give access to your images. All sizes are able to fit into standard IKEA frames and can house from between 12 to 176 of your high resolution Instagram images.

“The whole process of making a PosterCandy poster takes less than five minutes, made easier with the website’s hashtag functionality, meaning if you want to make one of your summer trip to Italy, for example, you can easily filter the photos on the site to only upload the ones you have hashtagged with ‘#Italy’,” says David.

Sizes available include 30cm x 40cm (RRP $19.95), 40cm x 50cm (RRP $24.95), 50cm x 50cm (RRP $29.95), 50cm x 70cm (RRP $34.95) and 70cm x 100cm (RRP $49.95), plus $9.95 Australia-wide shipping.

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