I have had a few emails asking where I got the sign in this post about my beautiful baby girl. Well I designed them so thought I would share them along with two other gorgeous colours. The printable baby month signs are 6 x 4″ size and cover the first 12 months. The frame I used is the Ikea Tolsby frame. We used them for our wedding menus and table numbers so I have loads lying around. They are only $1.99 or you could use any frame or no frame – let your imagination take control.

I photographed my Little Miss in the same chair every month to track her changes. It is amazing how fast they grow and already looking back at (the thousands of) photos it is hard to remember when they were taken. This way I have at least one photo each month that has a definite date attached to it. And it is super fun to pose her in the chair!

Enjoy the printables. I hope they create many happy memories for you and your little ones. Simply enter your details into the form below and the files will be sent straight to your email inbox and you will be added to the Kid Magazine weekly newsletter list.

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If you do end up using them I would love you to send me a photo to hello@kidmagazine.com.au.