I was blessed to be born with thick and dark eyebrows, the kind that are totally trendy on fashion runways right now. But years of over waxing to make them thinner at the hands of a few bad beauticians has left me with a patchy mess, hiding my true brow fabulousness. I’ve recently been focussing on returning them to their natural glory and have a few tips for you mums on growing out eyebrows.

Be very specific

Tell your beautician that you are trying to grow out your eyebrows and be very specific with them as to what you want. Hold a mirror up so you can show them exactly where you are focussing on regrowth. If your beautician isn’t interested in listening to you then time to find a new one!

Avoid plucking at home

The enemy of growing out your eyebrows is plucking at home, if you don’t know what you are doing that is. “I’ll just take a few stray hairs” you say to yourself and then the next minute you have strayed way into regrowth territory without even realising it. I know as mums you probably don’t get to the beautician as much as you use to (or maybe ever??) but just be patient. You are probably noticing those stray hairs more than anyone else!

Invest in a good brow pencil

Patchy eyebrows are awful, but a good eyebrow pencil can fix this. Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes recommended the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencils from Mecca Cosmetica to me and that is what I have used ever since. If you pop into a store, the staff will show you how to apply it and help you choose the right colour to blend in. Filling in any gaps also helps with taking the focus off any stray hairs you haven’t been plucking.

Dedicate yourself to the cause

Growing out eyebrows is not for the faint hearted and certainly not the thing to start doing a few weeks before a big event! Regrowth and defining shape takes time and can’t be rushed. So commit yourself to amazeballs eyebrows and take the time to get them.

Do you have any tips for growing out eyebrows?? Have you done it yourself?


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