Nail art, once the domain of the quintessential 90s teenager, has made a comeback and it is brighter than ever before. The nail art trends of this season call for wacky thinking and have thrown out the nail polish rule book. There are no rules in nail art 2012 but there are a few key trends and products you will need to get you started. Building a nail polish toolkit is relatively cheap and and easy way to mix up your look.

1. I can see a rainbow

Not all fingers are created equal so why should you paint all your nails the same colour? Whether you choose five colours or just two, a multi-colour effect is a fabulous way to let your personality shine through. Opt for clashing colours to really stand out or select a colour palette with mutual tones for a more sophisticated look. Try M.A.C Nail Lacquer Collection in Girl Trouble, RRP $22, available; Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Turquoise, RRP $26, available from; Nicole by OPi Nail Lacquer in Fresh Squeezed, RRP $14.95, more information available; Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Hot Magenta, RRP $6.95, more information available from; OPI Pirates of the Carribean Collection in Mermaid’s Tears, RRP $19.95, more information available from

2. Crackle Effect

Adding a crackle or shatter polish to your base colour coat looks really unique and is a fabulous way to extend the life of a manicure. When your colour is starting to fade or chip paint on some crackle and you have a new manicure instantly. Remember to always add a top coat or the crackle will fade very quickly. Try Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat, RRP $9.95, more information available from

3. Shiny Shiny Glitter

I love, love, love glitter and there are some great glitter nail polish products on the market. Apply over a base coat in your choice of colour for some extra sparkle. Combine the first trend above with your glitter polish to take it to the next level. For a more subtle look paint the glitter as your base coat for an understated hint of sparkle. Try Australis Cosmetics, Limited Edition Nail Colours in Fairy Bread, RRP $7.95, available

4. Stick it to me Nail Wraps

One of the easiest ways to try the latest nail trends is with nail wraps. If you are anything like me and completely useless at any form of drawing, the thought of painting leopard print on to your nails is enough to make you curl up in a ball crying. Nail Wraps are pre-printed stickers you cut out and stick onto your nails and in my experience they last just as long as a regular nail polish mani so are worth the investment. So easy! Try Nailed It 3D Nail Wraps in Pink Leopard, RRP $8.95, available from



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