Guest post by Bel Hamilton from Mums Take Five

Get crafty with the kids to create some cute Christmas crafts to use as gifts or to add to the festive spirit of your home!

Paper Hand Tree
simple christmas craft

A cute little keepsake or even make them into Christmas cards.  Grandparents would love them.

You’ll need:

Red Paper
Green Paper
PVA Glue
Gold card

How to:

Trace or have your child trace their hand on the green paper.

Cut it out and glue on to the red paper.

Turn it upside down so the fingers are pointing down.

Decorate your tree by gluing on the sequins

Don’t forget to top your tree by gluing on a star. Use your gold card to cut out a star. Hint:  You could use a start cookie cutter to trace the shape.

Straw Treeeasy christmas craft

Simply trim the Straws in various lengths to make a tree shape and glue on.

Sounds easy enough but for toddlers and preschoolers this can be a challenge to get them in size order.

You’ll need:

Greens straws – we used red and green straws.
Paddle Pop Stick – we used a large one but the small ones are fine they just make smaller trees.
Scissors & Glue – You’ll need strong craft glue for this one.

This is a nice little skill building craft to do together.

Five minute cardboard decorations

This is my go to with my preschooler when I need a couple of minutes peace.

Cut out some shapes from cardboard.

Give your child the shapes,  Glue and a small bowl of sequins, glitter … stickers … whatever you have and leave them to it.

Enjoy your few minutes.

Wool/Card Ornaments Craftchristmas craft

This little craft is entertaining and great for fine motor skills.

You will need:

PVA or strong craft glue

How to:

Cut out your shape from the cardboard.   Trace a cookie cutter if you’d like a specific shape.

Glue a small loop of wool onto the top of your shape first so your ornament can be hung.

Use lengths of wool your child can handle.  So start with a metre and then if you reach the end and need more knot another length to the first one. Smaller lengths are much easier for little hands.

Start by gluing on the end and wrap around securing it on. If you do that up the top you also secure and cover the looped handle. If your child is having problems starting it you can also secure the ends on to the cardboard with a paper clip and cover it when your wrapping around.

Once you have covered the card with wool. Secure the end by tucking it under another wrapped piece and gluing it in.

To decorate simply glue your sequins on.

Let it dry thoroughly before you hang it up.cute christmas craftBel is a Sydney mum of two and the woman behind Mums Take Five, where you can find recipes, gardening advice and tips, crafts for mums and kids and regular reviews.

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