Created by mother of three, Leanne Howard, the Forever Clover swap cards range are for girls aged four and above to collect, share and trade. The cards use happy, healthy and active imagery to celebrate all things great about being a girl. The cards have proven to be the perfect collectable for young girls and their friends as each girl in the Forever Clover Club has her own unique personality and look, showing girls it’s ok to be who you want to be.

Best friends Maddie, Abbey, Emma, Matilda, Kate and Olivia are back in May 2012 with a second series of cards as they enjoy their hobbies such as horse riding, camping, basketball, playing instruments and playing with their pets. The new series sees an extra 128 new matte, shiny and glitter cards added to the orginal collection of 98. The swap cards, which come together to form various pairs and sets, will now be packaged in purple and orange with each packet of six containing four matte cards and two special cards. Each pack of swap cards also comes with a six page brochure providing information about the girls of the Forever Clover Club and images of the complete 128 card set.

Fans of Forever Clover can also look forward to an activity book and range of novels for young girls due out in 2013 following a collaboration with Hardie Grant Egmont. If that isn’t enough to look forward to, young fans can head over to the online Forever Clover Club. The safely moderated blog allows girls to participate in forums, comment on blog posts, submit artwork and write stories which can be viewed online by other members in a safe and secure environment.

Adding to the cards’ appeal, they are printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper that is certified carbon neutral and processed chlorine free.  Even the packets are made from a 100% renewable resource – plants not oil.

Pack of six swap cards can be purchased from selected newsagents for $3.95 each, Forever Clover Albums and Tins are also available.



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