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Last week I found myself in a doctors waiting room for 1.5 hours with my toddler. Foolishly, I had not anticipated waiting that long and so had not packed a lunchbox. All I had in my bag was a few measly chocolate freckles and a bottle of water. Things turned very ugly very quickly… My hanger was nothing compared to that of my three-year-old who was running on a bite of chocolate and water alone. Very ugly!

Dietitians agree that in order for toddlers to take on board enough energy and nutrients into their little tummies, three meals a day just isn’t going to cut it. And let’s face it, it isn’t going to cut it for me and my adult sized stomach either! And snacking for toddlers is also about teaching healthy habits. Each snack is an opportunity to introduce different foods, textures and flavours to your little one to establish lifelong health eating habits. Super simple when you are a busy mum just trying to keep your head above water right?

Well, actually it is. I usually never go anywhere without an arsenal of snacks ready to throw my toddlers way at the first signs of hunger. I can only blame my lack of lunchbox packing on a baby brain induced delusion. Never again! Here are five toddler snack hacks that I (usually) live by when venturing out and about with my little one.

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen

I would love to be the mum who makes all her kids food from scratch. But I seriously don’t have the time and with products like those from Organix on the market, I don’t need to put that unnecessary pressure on myself. Organix products carry the No Junk Promise, a stamp of reassurance that your kids will be eating tasty snacks made with the best organic ingredients and containing nothing unnecessary. I always advocate for keeping things simple, especially in your busy mum life, and using products that are made with quality ingredients such as Organix, is one way to do this. No need to spend hours preparing snacks for the kids each week.

A little preparation goes a long way

I always try and pack our lunch and snacks the evening before so save time in the morning. I also empty all the snacks into a tub in the pantry so I can see what we have at any time. This makes it easier to grab a few things to throw in the lunchbox and also saves reaching into a box only to find it is empty! The final thing I usually do is to keep a few little snacks in my handbag for emergencies (too bad I was cleared out last week!). The Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites are perfect for this. They are individually wrapped mini snacks that take up no space, are packaged so you won’t end up with crumbs everywhere and each portion is packed with juicy raisins and wholegrain oats. One of these can tide you over in a snack emergency until you are able to locate more food!

Always pack a “treat”

It is amazing how offering a treat to a toddler can transform them from wild child into perfect angel in an instant. And while I do believe in the old “everything in moderation”, by treat, I’m not necessarily talking about a sugar laden sweet. The Organix Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits are a great example of a treat here. They are made with wholemeal wheat flour, grape juice and with added Vitamin B1 so they live up to the No Junk Food Promise but toddlers love the taste and even better that the biscuits are in cute animal shapes to keep them entertained. Determine what treats are for your family and have them on hand as your secret weapon.

It’s all in the lunchbox

Kids love to have a sense of ownership and independence. One thing I have found to work really well is to let my little one select her snacks. I will ask her to choose a few snacks from the tub and place them in her lunchbox for the next day. She feels part of the process and is more likely to eat something she has chosen herself. Although, with toddlers there are never any guarantees! If she has chosen her own lunchbox, all the better.

Options, options, options

Variety is the spice of life and the same is true when it comes to toddler snacks! Unless of course you have one of those toddlers who will only eat one food. Until you buy a months supply of said food and then they decide they won’t eat it anymore #notbitter! I always make sure I have a variety of snacks packed. This usually includes some fresh seasonal fruit (cut into bit sized pieces), a serve of dairy in the form of either yoghurt or cheese and a few packaged snacks. The Organix Goodies Corn Puffs are our favourite. They are super light and crispy, baked not fried and easy to eat on the go. Whatever doesn’t get eaten by the toddler is either popped back in the fridge/pantry or often I will eat the rejected snacks for the day as my snacks.

five toddler snack hacks

The Organix Goodies range is available from Coles (Carrot Stix & Tomato Noughts & Crosses, Mini Oaty Bites, Animal Biscuits) and Woolworths (Carrot Stix, Cheese & Herb Puffs & Tomato Noughts & Crosses).

What are your snack hacks for when out and about with your toddler? 

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