“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ~ Don Herold

I spent some time this weekend trying to organise all the photos I have taken of Olivia in the last 10.5 months. Wow, have I taken a lot of photos. Thousands of them in fact. As I was scrolling through the photos I was amazed at how much she has changed. No longer the tiny newborn baby, she is now becoming a fiercely independent and cheeky little girl.

In those early days I remember sitting for hours and taking in everything about her. There are some things about newborn babies that better than others. Daily ‘poosplosions’ for example are not on my love list. These are the things that are:

That newborn smell

It is always so amazing to hold a baby and smell that glorious newborn scent. I’m sure they smell that way so you will want to cuddle them tighter and longer. And your own baby smells better than every other baby. Amazing.

newborn baby cuddles

The soft fuzzy hair

Olivia has lost most of her laguno by the time she was born but for a couple of months on the back of her ears, she had this soft, fluffy fuzz. Then one day it was gone. I was glad for her future self that she didn’t have hairy ears to deal with but I was so sad that little part of her newborn self was gone.

newborn baby ears

They can sleep anywhere

The day we came home from the hospital, hubby was getting Olivia ready for me to feed her and she fell asleep resting on his arm. Awake one minute and asleep the next. The sleepy state of those first days is so beautiful. You just wish they would keep it up! It is rare that Olivia will fall asleep in my arms while breastfeeding these days, but when she does I cherish every second.

newborn babies sleep

They stay put

Maybe this is just a reflection of my current circumstances where Olivia is crawling and walking around the furniture that I look back on the early months and how she would stay put. No crawling, rolling or wriggling. If I was feeding her she would lie there and drink. Now there are limbs flying everywhere and the need to sit up every minute or so just to check she isn’t missing out on anything.

newborn babies stay put

Their arms are too short

This is my all time absolute favourite thing about babies. Their arms are totally out of proportion to the rest of their body. When they stretch and reach those teeny tiny short arms up, it has to be one of the cutest things you will ever see.

newborn baby arms

What do you love most about newborn babies?


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