Whenever I heard my girlfriends talking about how amazing SPANX were I was sceptical. I mean, it’s not like underwear has the ability to iron out the lumps and bumps, they have to go somewhere right? And then one day, in a last ditch attempt at dressing to impress minus the bumps, I tried them. WOW! I was aSPANX convert. A sceptic who had seen the light. And I had the flat tummy to show it.

There are many reasons you will fall in love with these super shaping and slimming weapons. Here are my five favourite things about SPANX just because I love sharing my finds and tips with you.

1. For all those expectant mums out there, the new Mama SPANX are a must have in your maternity wardrobe. This hosiery grows with you as your belly grows, provides extra tummy support and an ultra-sheer stylish look. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the dreaded visible panty line!

2. SPANX were originally created when founder, Sara Blakely, cut the bottom off her control top pantyhose to create footless tights to wear under pants. I most often wear skirts and dresses rather than pants just to avoid panty line embarrassment. The original SPANX product has now grown into a huge range of options for banishing visible panty lines including footless tights, mid-thigh shapers and high-wasited briefs in medium, super and super duper slimming levels.

3. It feels amazing to wear them. I love the extra support they provide – kind of like a big comforting hug! Knowing that they are your secret weapon in looking extra fabulous also helps the fabulous feeling.

4. Back fat be gone with Bra-llelujah. This wireless bra has a front closure, a naturally-adjusting hoisery back and elastic straps which all work together to reduce back fat and create a seamless look under figure hugging tops.

5. SPANX open up new possibilities for items in your wardrobe you may have been avoiding whether it be pants, tops, dresses or skirts. I can hear my body thanking me every time I step into my SPANX and step out the door looking great and feeling confident. And if SPANX is good enough for celebs like Beyonce then it is good enough for me!



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