If you are a new mum, or even an experienced one, it is so valuable to have a network of other mums around you to support each other on your parenting journeys. Sara Keli shares five places you can go to start building your village.

Mothers’ group

The real benefit of mothers’ group is that you are connected with a small group of other mums who have babies at the same stage as you so you can walk the journey of motherhood together. Check with your hospital or maternal child health nurse to see if there is one available to join in your local area. Often mothers’ groups will be guided by a child health nurse for the first few weeks and then it is up to the members to keep it running so be sure to swap numbers/email addresses so you can arrange to meet up once the organised sessions end.


If you don’t have a mothers’ group available to you or you don’t connect with the mums in your group, joining a playgroup is another great option. The benefit of a playgroup is that with so many running, you can pick which day suits you best and even try out a few to find a group that you feel you gel with. You also have the added benefit of attending with mums at various stages of their parenting journeys with the experience that goes along with that. Check the Playgroup Australia website to find playgroups near you.

The park

If you are at the local park, there is nothing stopping you from striking up a conversation with another mum. The same applies for play centres or other places you take your kids. You might not be swapping numbers at your first meeting but if you hit it off you could suggest meeting at the park again the following week. Who knows what kind of friendship might blossom?


We are so lucky to have so many online groups available to us these days and, if you forget about the trolling that sadly happens, online forums, groups and apps are such a great way to meet other mums. An app called Peanut has recently launched in Australia and it helps you find mums nearby who have common interests to you. Facebook is also obviously a great place to look for groups either based on your location or interests. Do be careful with the information you give out online.

Mums and bubs sessions

Whether it is a sing-along at the library, a babes in arms session at the movies or a mums and bubs fitness class, keep your eye out for opportunities to not only meet other mums but also introduce your baby to new environments and experiences. If it is a regular thing such as a library session or a fitness class you will likely find the same mums attending each week so you can start to get to know them a build a friendship from there.

About Sara

Sara Keli is the Editor of Kid Magazine. When she isn’t writing, designing or creating, you can find her enjoying the sunshine on her back deck with her two daughters or escaping into a good book.

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