You either love candles or you don’t. I’m in the love camp. I love receiving them as gifts, giving them as gifts, smelling them while walking through a shopping centre, opening my candle cupboard to smell the gorgeous scents floating out!

Whether you love them or you don’t, here are five gift candles that are perfect or the loved ones in your life. If you are in the trade, they will all be exhibiting at the upcoming Reed Gift Fairs in Sydney so pop on down to smell them for yourself.

The grandma

If there is one group of people out there who are really hard to buy for it is grandparents. They’ve been around long enough to have everything they need and then they make it harder by saying things like “spending time with our grandchildren is present enough”. Boo! Get them a candle instead. Opt for a more mature and subtle scent like the Aromabotanical Lemongrass & Ginger Candle.

The husband/boyfriend/brother/teenage son

Men aren’t typically known for their love of candles but anyone who has a man cave or teenage boy in their home knows that it’s a vital necessity. Rather than a sweet smelling fragrance, go for something made for men like the Therapy Man Weekender Candle.

The teacher

What says “thanks for looking after my ratty kids all year” more than cake? But if you aren’t good in the kitchen, a dessert fragranced candle is the next best thing. For all the smells without the calories try the Be Enlightened Creme Caramel Triple Scented Candle.

The aunty

When I’m talking aunty here, I’m talking your gorgeous single best friend who doesn’t have kids or your lovely friend with the grown up kids. You know the ones who can have beautiful things in their homes without worrying about kids breaking them! MOR anything is divine but the jar of the MOR Rosa Noir Deluxe Soy Candle is that extra bit special.


Ok so maybe when I say yourself, I actually mean me! I have three backups of the Urban Rituelle Balance Fresh Fig & Melon Candle in the cupboard so I don’t ever run out. This is a super sweet scent but my family never complain. It is fruity, not over powering and smells like fun!

Aromabotanical, The Aromatherapy Company, Be Enlightened, MOR and Urban Rituelle will be exhibiting at Reed Gift Fairs, Sydney, 20-24 February 2016 at Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island. 

Do you have a favourite candle you love to gift?