Women are wonderful creatures. The way we rally together to support and build each other up is just phenomenal. And since becoming a mum, I have felt this more than ever. The women who have helped me gain my confidence and skills as a mother and the woman who have really supported me in my business journey with advice, guidance and friendship. They all mean so much to me and I know that I wouldn’t be who or where I am without them.

More and more mums are taking the dive into starting their own business and becoming a mumpreneur. The internet has opened up a world of possibilities and all you need to do is spend 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram to see that mums are making the most of this. But despite the ability of women to support each other, it can still be a cut throat world to be in with mums competing with similar product lines and concepts. The trick is to find your tribe, which is true in life and in business.

I belong to a number of communities of women, mothers and business owners. I have made some amazing connections, virtual and real life and always feel so fortunate to be connected to some of the most wonderful women. I certainly advocate for networking outside of mumpreneur circles for the simple reason of diversity but having a group of mums who can support you through the struggle of the juggle is so important! Here are four of my favourite tribes for mums in business.

Mums with hustle

I am so thrilled to have discovered Tracy Harris and her fabulous podcast, Mums with Hustle. Each week Tracy interviews a mum in business who is nailing it in her industry. Covering everything from Facebook advertising to Instagram tips, outsourcing and finding the balance, Tracy’s interviews are interesting, practical and inspiring. But more than that is the community that has built around the Mums With Hustle Instagram account. You can see real connections being made between Tracy’s followers and I’m sure what will follow is many collaborations and successful business relationships.


The AusMumpreneur network* is one that I have belonged to for just over two years now and in that time I have watched the community build in size and spirit. This is a paid network with a $300 anual fee to join which gives you access to the private Facebook group, event discounts and access to the challenges run each month. The AusMumpreneur Network also run an annual conference and awards which is a brilliant opportunity to build face-to-face relationships and receive recognition for your hard work.

The Mothers Den

I recently attended my first event with The Mothers Den and came away feeling energised and inspired. Founder, Uldouz Van Eenoo is a former lawyer and mum of three who wants to encourage the new breed of mums who want a successful business and to be more present in their kids lives. Through events and a soon-to-launch membership site, Uldouz is a mum on a mission. The events are held at a time more convenient to mums than your traditional networking events (no 5am start to get the kids ready and out the door in time!) and babysitting available to ensure you can get the most of the session. For those not in Sydney, Uldouz also runs webinars to connect and inspire.

Motivating Mum

So imagine you are away in Melbourne for a few days and book in to attend a really interesting networking group that you have heard about. Your 18-month-old has been really crabby all morning but you manage to get out the door of the hotel, onto a tram and arrive at a lovely cafe filled with awesome mums in business. Five minutes after you arrive, the reason for your 18-month-olds crankiness is made visible when she starts vomiting all over the floor. You freeze in horror at what is unfolding before your eyes, but the other mums in the room jump to your rescue with paper towels, water and most importantly words of comfort and reassurance. This is what happened to me when I met Alli from Motivating Mum and some of her gorgeous mums in Melbourne. I think you can always tell the strength of a group when you see them handling a challenge and that particular day they were on point for me! Alli runs monthly webinars as well as Businessmums’ clubs in various locations.

What about you? Are you a mumpreneur? Have you found your tribe? Do share!

* indicates an affiliate link which means that at no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission if you purchase the product. I only recommend products that I genuinely use or love!


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