Gumboots would have to be one of the best functional fashion items, especially for the kids. Not that when I was a kid they were a fashion item. But they have come along way since then in the fashion and cuteness stakes. Being able to pop on the gumboots on a rainy day and save the kids feet from getting wet is a lifesaver. Particularly since Peppa Pig came along and injected a new passion for jumping in muddy puddles!

You know the old saying, “pain is beauty” or is it “beauty is pain”? I can remember so many times in my life when I have used that saying to justify wearing something uncomfortable or downright painful. Those days are over for me as I have come to the point where I accept that unless I feel my best, I can’t look my best.

So clothes and accessories that fit well and feel good are my thing. But when fashion goes a step further and becomes functional, I am sold. So often the practical things in life aren’t pretty or sexy with can be incongruous with how we live our lives. These six products below are all ones where fashion meets function, bringing style and practicality together.

A handbag/phone charger

I’m sure it is safe to say that all of us, at one point in our lives or another, have carried a phone charger in our handbag knowing that we would run out of juice at some point during the day. And then along came portable chargers, eliminating that phone battery anxiety we all feel. Handbag Butler have taken the concept of a portable charger in your handbag to the next level by creating the Mighty Purse, a portable phone charging handbag. The slimline charger sits inside a compartment within the bag with built in cables so you can easily recharge on the go.

Shoes with comfort factor

As I look through my wardrobe at all my gorgeous shoes lined up, gathering dust, I wonder how I ever managed to wear them in the first place. Now reserved for special occasions, much of my shoe collection is just not foot friendly. And often, the pretty shoes aren’t! But not so with Frankie4 and their Podiatrist and Physiotherapist designed footwear with style. I have a number of pairs of Frankie4 shoes and love how I can wear them all day without any concerns about how my feet will feel later that night.

Period proof underwear

This is an innovation that kinda blows my mind but is fast gathering a cult following. Modibodi is period proof underwear that wicks moisture and stops odour. Some of the range can be used as a total replacement to disposable hygiene or simply to help manage sweat, light bladder leaks, discharge and odour. For breastfeeding mums, there is also a breastfeeding range which can assist with pesky leaking breasts. They are beautifully soft with light support which can also be relief when dealing with engorgement in the early breastfeeding days.

Activewear that supports

In the last few years, activewear has become a new fashion norm. No longer reserved for the gym or when your feet are pounding the pavement, it can now be seen at the school gate, cafes and while out shopping. Part of the reason for this is that activewear entered more of a fashion market. Prints, patterns and better cuts and fabrics helped with that. But the next step activewear has taken is into the support market with products like Active Truth, perfect for pregnancy and beyond.

Jacket in a bag

If you have ever travelled in winter, you will know that lightweight and compact items are a must. And even if you aren’t travelling, heavy and bulky jackets aren’t fun. A couple of years ago I purchased an Ultra Light Down jacket from Uniqlo and I think it was one of the best fashion meets function purchases I have ever made. It is super lightweight while still being really warm. And the best part is that it folds down into a compact little bag. Perfect for popping in your suitcase while travelling, or in my case keeping in the pram while I am out and about.

Memory jewellery

Ok so maybe this one is a stretch but I was just telling someone last weekend how I use my Uberkate necklace to remind me of my wedding anniversary date. It has lots of 1’s and 2’s in it, as do all of our birthdays so I end up getting super confused and muddled. If your partner is the forgetful one, they also have a gorgeous range for men to help jog your man’s memory. The other really amazing thing they do is to help you preserve your memories in jewellery with Your Script, engraving writing/drawings from any document onto Uberkate pieces.

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