We recently had a rainy day and my Little Miss was desperate to do some craft. As I opened the craft cupboard a container of little fabric flowers caught her eye.

While I had intended to just kill some time by getting her to glue the flowers onto pipe cleaners, in the end they were too cute to be just a time waster.

I like this activity because she was practicing her fine motor skills while gluing and we could talk about the colours and textures of the fabric. She likes it because it involved flowers and glue – two of her favourite things! There is an element of patience involved waiting for the glue to dry but if you can get over that little bump (or use hot glue to speed it up – just be careful if doing it with the kids) then it is worth the wait.

Fabric scrap and pipe cleaner flower bouquet


fabric scraps
needle and thread
pipe cleaners
craft glue

Pipe cleaner crafts


To make the fabric flowers, use a small glass or circle shaped object to trace onto the back of your fabric. Cut around the circle. With the back of the fabric facing you, start doing a running stitch around the edge of the fabric with about 5mm folded inwards. when you have stitched all the way around, pull the thread tight and it will form a little flower. Tie off the thread and you are done.

Cut each pipe cleaner into three.

Simple pipe cleaner crafts

Place some of the glue on to the back of each flower and then press the pipe cleaner into the glue.

Craft with pipe cleaners

Set the flowers aside for a few hours to dry.

Pipe cleaner craft ideas

For one bouquet you will need about seven flowers. Arrange the flowers how you would like them and wrap the ribbon around the stems, gluing in place at each end. Add a bow if you like or just leave as is.

Pipe cleaner flowers

So who are you going to give your flower bouquet to?

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