I’m no SMOG (smug mother of girls – seriously, it’s a thing) but I do think that having little girls is pretty awesome. Don’t get me wrong, if I had birthed boys I am sure I would find them just as awesome and you would be reading a post called “Every mum of boys knows” right now. But I am a girl mum, entrenched in the pink, sparkly, fluffy world they live in. And it suits me just fine.

Over my almost four years of girl mumming (along with my 33 years of experience as a female) I have come to learn a few things about little girls…

Pink is life

Pink is not just a colour – it is a lifestyle choice. Plain and simple. If she has a choice of colour, and even if she doesn’t, she will always choose pink. Where no pink is available (horror!) her close cousin purple will be the runner up.

LEGO vs Shopkins

I present to you Polly Teapot and Ice Cream Kate of Shopkins fame. They sound innocent enough but can inflict just as much pain as a stray LEGO under your bare feet while roaming the house in the dark. And while we are on the subject, Barbie shoes are just as vicious in their inconspicuous ability to attack!

Bossy or strong?

Why is it that strength in a boy is celebrated but strength in a girl is labelled as bossiness? Girls can be just as strong and boisterous and noisy as boys. I have two very strong little girls who know their mind and aren’t afraid to share it. It certainly tests my resolve now but I keep telling myself that one day they will be awesome strong women achieving amazing things in their lives.

All of the emotions

I had assumed that emotional breakdowns were something I wouldn’t have to deal with until I hit the teenage years. Big mistake! I have witnessed my three-year-old have complete emotional breakdowns because she left her hair clip in the car or forgot to tell her daddy something before he left for work. But as quickly as the tears flow we are onto the next thing.

One can never have too many tutus

And they should be worn on every possible occasion. Bedtime included. Layering tutus is also a thing, apparently. 2-3 tutus worn on top of each other or tutus worn under dresses are a fashion statement of their own. Pink is preferable but when it comes to tutus, the colour rules are a little more flexible.

Princesses, fairies, unicorns and snails

Princesses, fairies and unicorns reign supreme in the world of little girls but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other interests. My daughter will don her pink gumboots in the rain and go searching the garden for snails. And when I unpack her bag from preschool I can guarantee that it will contain at least 10 rocks that she has collected during her adventures.

Mary Poppins bag packing skills

How can so much stuff fit in one little bag? Just when you think they have taken everything out, they pull out some more. Shopkins, lip glosses, hair clips, shells, rocks, ribbon, pencils, coins… Never underestimate what a girl is carrying in her handbag! And never underestimate the girl carrying it. She will change the world one day.

Are you a mum of girls, smug or otherwise?

Image: Hipster Mum, www.hipstermum.com

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