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Essential oils as a natural alternative

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Becoming a parent has a way of making you more conscious. More conscious of your own flaws and what behaviours you are teaching your children. More conscious of what is happening in the world around you and protecting your babies from the dangers. And more conscious of the products we feed our kids and use around them in our homes.

Once upon a time, the thoughts about what cleaning products I was using and the chemicals in them never even crossed my mind. I always figured that the stronger the chemical smell, the better a job it was doing. But then I fell pregnant and all of a sudden, I started thinking about everything I was exposing my baby to. I wasn’t obsessed by the thoughts but rather conscious of the choices I was making and the products I was buying.

And that is why essential oils have so many benefits. They are pure, natural and effective, which can’t always be said for natural alternatives to household products. In fact, Thursday Plantation ran a competition last year for people to submit their uses for essential oils and to date they have collected well over 100 uses. I have three main uses for essential oils in my home.

Lavender oil for sleep


Hands up if you have ever had a child who wouldn’t sleep? That’s a lot of hands I can see out there in the virtual world. Did you know that Lavender oil can assist with sleep? A few drops in your little ones bath at night and a few drops on a hanky inside their pillow case will help promote a beautiful calm sleep. Go easy on the oil though as just a few drops is all you need (more oil does not equal more sleep!).

Lavender oil bathtime

Eucalyptus oil cleaning


How can you go past Eucalyptus oil as a cleaner? If you’ve got anything sticky you need to remove, like labels on a new lunchbox, then a little Eucalyptus Oil on a sponge, rubbed over the sticker, will do the trick. I also use Eucalyptus Oil mixed with a little warm water when cleaning the bathroom.

Eucalyptus oil for colds


When you have a cold and you are feeling super congested, try an inhalation with some warm water and Eucalyptus oil (500ml hot water to 5ml Eucalyptus oil to be exact). Pop a towel over your head and breathe in the steam – it works wonders! Tea Tree oil is another great one for healing and can be applied to minor cuts and grazes for a natural healing solution.

From browsing through the 100 Uses website, I can see that I really know nothing when it comes to essential oil uses. Here are a few of my favourite uses that I have newly discovered:

  • 6 drops of tea tree oil mixed with 4 drops of lavender oil and 60ml water in a spray bottle is a natural make-up brush cleaner
  • Lavender oil can be used as a natural insect repellent
  • 5ml of Tea Tree oil mixed with 100ml water in a spray bottle can be sprayed on kids sports gear to act as an antimicrobial and freshen up the gear
  • A few drops of Tea Tree oil in a spray bottle with water is instant hand sanitiser to keep in your handbag while you are out and about
  • And this is a game changer – a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a cloth will remove texta and pencil from walls without leaving a mark!

It has got me thinking about all the ways I can introduce natural solutions to my family on my journey of more conscious living and parenting. Thursday Plantation are also providing a giveaway pack for one of my readers to win so they can start to introduce pure and natural products into their family home. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which is your favourite essential oil and why. The prize pack includes Oil Cleaner 125ml, Brightening Oil 60ml, Rosehip Oil Restorative 25ml, Clarifying Oil, 60ml, Jojoba Oil 60ml, Face Moisturiser 70g, Nurture oil 60ml, Macadamia Oil 125ml, Almond Oil 125ml and Firming Oil 125ml. Entry terms and conditions can be found here.


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  • Scott Crumlin

    Tea Tree Oil. It’s natural and kills bacteria, fungi and does so with a pleasant fragrance.

  • Holly

    Eucalyptus is so good for cleaning and it smells amazing, it’s especially handy in the washing machine to freshen up clothes!

  • durani

    The lavadar oil is great for getting my baby to sleep and settling her. As well is great for her skin.

  • I can’t go past lemon. It’s so versatile and can be used for cleaning, beauty, diffusing… Pretty much everything!

  • So tough to choose just one, but if I really had to it would be lavender in the diffuser for relaxation as well as a night time sleep spray to help my girls sleep at night.

  • Nikki Cashion

    I love orange oil in my burner , makes the house smell divine .

  • stressless

    Tea Tree oil for me as it is great for cuts, grazes and bites and does seem to keep head lice at bay…..

  • Marg

    Tea Tree Oil uses are endless. I have only just started learning about all these essential oils and now understand why they are essential.

  • Bridget

    Tea tree oil – great for when those pesky pimples make an appearance!

  • Julia Morton

    lavender,i often pop some on my pillow for a calmer scented sleep

  • Candice

    Absolutely love lavender. Smells amazing and is so versatile. It’s great for helping to get a better night sleep and easing headaches, even great for burns. I always make sure I have lavender oil at home.

  • Chont

    I love eucalyptus. Love the smell and it has many uses- disinfecting, removing stains & removing sticker residue from timber furniture

  • Tina Ranoso Bangel

    I love lime, I often use it while I teach my singing students and blend it with lavender – helps calm them before they sing.

  • Carla Caruso

    A toss-up between lavender and tea tree oil – one smells yummy and the other one just has that cleansing zing! Would love to learn more about all the other wonderful essential oils too

  • Angela de Jager

    My head and my heart are battling this one out…my head screams ‘tea tree oil’ as she is such a hard little worker!! Not only is she a great cleaner and nurse, tea tree oil drives away my nasty cold sores – she’s a gem! However my heart screams ‘ylang ylang’ as I find she helps me to calm the ocean of my mind.

  • Rosemarie

    Eucalyptus oil – I’m not a fan of the smell, but that stuff is amazing! It cleans sticky stuff so well. I love it for getting the old labels off jam jars.

  • Paula Harris

    Lavender as it’s so calming…..and it reminds me of my grandparents. Bless them.

  • carly

    eucalyptyus 🙂 i love the scent of it and it is an efficient cleaner also 🙂

  • joni

    Lavender is my favourite as it instantly brings back beautiful memories of finally becoming a mother to my son after the loss of 4 babies to miscarriage. I used lavender to keep me calm and positive during the pregnancy and birth and now I cannot smell lavender without instantly being transported to that incredible time of joy.

    • Congrats Joni you are the winner! I’ve just sent you an email to get your details for sending out the prize. Sara x

      • joni

        Thank you so much, you have made my day – I will reply to your email now. Jo xx

  • Anna M

    Peppermint Oil is wonderful for me when I suffer with either hayfever or asthma. I find it helps to calm my breathing. Its great to put a little on a tissues and just breathe it in.

  • Bex

    Lavender Oil is amazing when put in your bath or the shower. It can relieve tired aching muscles very well. You can massage onto your skin as a relief for muscle or joint pain. Can also be used for skin conditions like burns and acne, its just fantastic!

  • Julie

    I use lavender oil every single day mixed with coconut oil and a touch of olive oil for dry skin and as a natural perfume. At night it helps me drift off to sleep. I love it in my apple cider vinegar hair rinse to lessen the vinegar smell.

  • Shannon Wotton

    I love Lavender. It is such a versatile essential oil and the scent is divine. I use Lavender oil for so much around the home. It’s great rubbed onto temples to soothe headaches and it is the best for deodorising my husband’s stinky shoes!


    I often had a lot of respiratory illness but since using peppermint I find the infusion has helped immensely…..and I agree with everyone here in regards to lavender and eucalyptus….like them for their smell alone

  • Angela

    I love lavender oil. It smells so good and it helps relaxing.

  • Kaila

    Eucalyptus oil, it makes my house smell so clean (even with 2 indoor cats)

  • Julia Todd

    I love orange essential oil as it is so refreshing but not too overpowering.

  • Tess Dimitriou

    I love eucalyptus oil rubbed on my chest and temples to clear the nose congestion and sooth the sinuses when I have the flu / cough.

  • Kate Slack

    I love Lavender not only has it got huge sleep benefits but it smells amazing too!

  • Belinda M

    Eucalyptus because it has so many uses and smells fantastic. It has great antibacterial properties for wounds, relieves cold and flu congestion, cleans kitchens, bathrooms and even your washing and every time I smell it I think “delicious”

  • Karen T

    Lavender, it is very calming and helps with sleep. You can also use it for headache relief and it is great on cuts and burns.