If the thought of the school holidays sends a cold chill down your spine, you are not alone. You love having the kids at home and spending time with them but those school holiday weeks just drag on as the kids start fighting and you are over it.

So I’ve put together this list of 21 easy school holiday activities, mostly free or low cost. Enjoy!

  1. Go to the movies or have a movie day at home
  2. Attend a Superhero Training Day at iFLY Indoor Skydiving
  3. Build a cubby house under the kitchen table
  4. Have an indoor picnic
  5. Spend the whole day in your pyjamas (you too mum)
  6. Make your Christmas wrapping paper
  7. Have a cooking day and stock the freezer with lunch box snacks for next term
  8. Spend a day fruit picking at a local farm (hello citrus!)
  9. Put on a fashion show (i.e. try on all their old last season clothes and bag up what no longer fits to sell/donate/store for a younger sibling)
  10. Raid the kitchen cupboards and do some fun craft (perfect for a day when you don’t want to leave the house but don’t have anything to do at home)
  11. Have a screen free day – get back to basics and spend the day without screens – read books, play with toys, make stuff
  12. Catch public transport somewhere – a train or bus can be a huge novelty if it’s not something your kids normally do. Head somewhere warm for a couple of hours to do something new
  13. Camp out in the living room – it might be too cold to brave a camp out under the stars but a family camp out in the living room can be just as fun
  14. Have a cook off – if your kids are old enough to cook by themselves, they can each take turns at competing to cook the best dinner. If they aren’t old enough to cook by themselves, let them pick the recipe and be your assistant in the kitchen
  15. Set a challenge for the holidays – it might be to read 10 books or to make your bed every day or do a good deed every day – set the same challenge for everyone or a different challenge for each child – have an agreed reward at the end of the holidays if the challenge is met
  16. Head to the library – they often have free activities during the school holidays and there is always plenty to do for kids. Find a local library with a coffee shop and everyone is a winner!
  17. Check out you local shopping centre for any activities – they often have a great school holiday program and it is usually free
  18. Have a scavenger hunt – set up a treasure map and trail for the kids to work through around the house and the backyard if the weather is good
  19. Make a movie – whether you get the kids to write a script and act it out or simply have them record what they do for the day, this is a great memory to have of the school holidays. Give them an old camera to use and away they go
  20. Take a hike – find a local walking track and spend a couple of hours exploring
  21. Discover a new park – head to a new area and test out the local parks. You can make a day of driving around and playing detective, uncovering new parks as you go

How do you spend the school holidays with your kids?

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