This isn’t so much of a recipe but more of a homage to my childhood. When I was a kid it was a great day, an awesome day in fact, if we made funny face biscuits. You know the ones where you ice the milk arrowroot biscuits and stick smarties and teeth lollies on top to make a funny face?

I do a version of them with my daughter that we have named “pretty bikkies”. I knew that she had developed as much a love for them as I have when she appeared at my bedside at 6:30am one morning demanding that we make pretty bikkies for breakfast. I’ll give her points for trying.

I rarely have lollies in the cupboard but we almost always have a packet of milk arrowroot biscuits, icing sugar and the various cake decorating supplies. The ones I keep stashed at the top of the cupboard in the hopes that one day, just by looking at gorgeous cakes, I will become some kind of cake decorating master. I put all of these ingredients together and came up with pretty bikkies. The easiest decorated cookies you can make that are the cure for all kinds of boo boos and problems.

Easy iced biscuits (AKA Pretty Bikkies)

Makes 10-12 (depending on how liberal you are with the icing)


10-12 milk arrowroot biscuits (other plain biscuits will also work)
1/2 cup icing sugar, sifted
2 tsp water
food colouring (I prefer gel food colours)
decorations (cachous, sprinkles etc.)


Place the icing sugar into a bowl and add the water, 1/2 tsp at a time, stirring well as you go until the mixture has formed a paste. If you are using one food colouring simply add a few drops to the bowl and mix to combine. If you want to make various colours (up to 3 works well for this quantity) then divide the paste into separate bowls to add the colouring.

Using a spatula, smooth the icing in to each biscuit. You don’t need a lot of icing, just enough to cover the biscuit. These biscuits are quite sweet so keep that in mind!

Now it’s time for the kids to take over the cookie decorating. If you want to get fancy with things like writing icing then you might need to step in an help out. Otherwise, they can sprinkle and stick to their hearts content. This is also an ideal party activity to keep the kids entertained for awhile.

And then the best part – eating the biscuits! They should keep overnight, if they actually last that long.

I will sometimes make a batch of two for our morning tea rather than making up a big batch. Just reduce the quantity of icing sugar and water if you want to do this.

Did you make funny face biscuits as a kid?

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