There aren’t many phrases that bring instant happiness to a heavily pregnant woman. Even better than, “honey why don’t you put your feet up while I cook dinner tonight” or “shall I run you a bath?” is “can you charge the Dyson, I want to vacuum the house tonight”. Hearing those twelve words was like heaven to my ears.

It seems that Dyson couldn’t have offered us a better time to review the Digital Slim™ DC59. The past three weeks have been a hive of cleaning activity in our house. Firstly was my baby shower with confetti filled balloons, food (and crumbs) being carried in and out of the house and kids creating play dough masterpieces on the floorboards. Not only did the DC59 meet the challenge of sucking up all the dust and pet hair pre baby shower but the challenges of the day were knocked over in no time at all. The confetti that showered the corner of the nursery after popping was quickly cleaned, those tiny pieces of play dough that seem to find themselves in every crack around the house were gone with minimal effort and there were no traces of the mountains of food and their crumbs that had been carted in and out of the kitchen all day.

We have also had to deal with cleaning behind a broken washing machine, vacuuming the car in preparation for the baby seat and the constant demands of the nesting mum-to-be. Up until now in my pregnancy, hubby has been in charge of the vacuum cleaner (and you don’t hear me complaining!!) but the beauty of the DC59 is that it is lightweight and portable so I have been able to vacuum one room at a time, resting in between if required, without having to manoeuvre a heavy vacuum behind me or needing to bend down and plug the cord into the socket.


The DC59 has a battery life of 20 minutes when fully charged so while you may not be able to clean the whole house in one charge if you have a large house, it is amazing what you can achieve in 20 minutes! The suction is just as good as a regular Dyson vacuum cleaner but the smaller size means you can get into smaller spaces that a larger vacuum cleaner can’t tackle. The wand can be detached so you can easily clean stairs, the couch or inside the car. Hubby loved it too and it would be great to get the kids involved in cleaning given how lightweight it is.The latest Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. RRP $649 for the Animal model and $599 for the Multi floor. Find the new Dyson Digital Slim at

If you would like to trial the Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 for yourself, Dyson is giving you the chance to win a two-week trial in your own home. At the end of the trial, if you wish to purchase the DC59, Dyson will extend a 20% discount voucher. To enter complete the competition form below. Competition closes Sunday, 24 November at midnight AEDT. Please read the competition terms & conditions before entering.


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