Today’s real mama is Amber from Spoil’em. Amber’s story is about how she became the master of her own time and was able to spend time with her family while still providing for them financially. I’m sure many of you can relate or at least aspire to what Amber has achieved.

My first daughter came as a package deal alongside my gorgeous husband. With a pre-existing, co-parenting arrangement already in play, my motherly involvement was welcomed but not as demanding as what would follow when together we had our second daughter, Luisa. When Luisa was born, I fell in love. A love like no other. This little ball of cuteness took over every inch of my heart and soul and I could stare in awe of her for hours (4yrs on, I still do). But if I was to be perfectly honest, being a full time stay at home mum wasn’t for me. With fear of judgement from the happy, perfectly satisfied SAHM’s, I masked the desire to return to full time work with ‘a need to provide financially for my family’ but truth be told, it was an equally weighted decision that would also give me the professional satisfaction I had enjoyed pre-baby.

By six months of age, my little girl became sick and what followed was 18 months of painful screams, refusal of food, days so lethargic she could barely move and if that wasn’t hard enough I was heavily weighted down by guilt.

Guilt when I called in ‘sick’ at work for the 3rd time that month. Guilt when I had to say goodbye to my princess knowing she was feeling so ill. The guilt from doctors who time and time again, (inaccurately) stated that my child was always sick because she went to day care. I was failing as the mother I wanted to be and the employee I had always been. It was time for a change!

After researching into the benefits of a flexible working arrangement I prepared a detailed proposal to my management team to request to work from home. It took some convincing but with today’s technology there was no rebuttal I could not debate.

Becoming the Master of my own time was empowering. I found a balance between parenthood and profession and became addicted to the time I had equally between the two. The addiction was contagious and my husband also wanted the ability to be home with the kids. So together we brainstormed Spoil’em.

Spoil’em was a business we ran alongside our full time jobs until it became profitable enough to be our families main income stream. It is a ground-up company that has allowed us to work from home, travel and most importantly give us abundant time together with our family.

In three years we have grown from a husband and wife team to now having a team of staff across Australia.

If I could scream from the rooftops to all the mothers (and fathers) who have heavy hearts and broken backs, slaving away for others I would shout ‘where there is a will there is a way’. Get together over a bottle of wine and brainstorm ideas. Set a plan and work on each element step by step. Create the life you want and don’t get trapped in the ‘ordinary’.

There are lots of resources available to help you get started. Google will become your best friend. Educate, be inspired and most of all do what makes YOU happy!

Spoil’em are always on the hunt for Brand Ambassadors. Work from home, flexible hours and commission paid on every sale. Contact for more information.

Image credit: Blee Photography

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