I have been wanting to experiment with watercolour paints for a while now. I love how soft and washy and imperfect they are. For someone who loves to craft but can’t paint, they seem ideal. I always think that if you are a bit crafty there is nothing you can’t create or at least try your hand at.

While browsing through the Spotlight aisles with my new watercolour paints in my basket, I came up with this idea for a watercolour alphabet chart. My little miss is starting to learn the alphabet with a puzzle when she goes to grandma’s house so I’m hoping this will reinforce her learning. Plus it looks so pretty and goes with her room.

It’s super simple and takes no time at all.

DIY watercolour alphabet chart


watercolour paints
watercolour paper
a cup of water
watercolour paintbrush
paper towel to clean your brush when changing colours
alphabet stickers
a frame to hang your finished chart

Watercolour alphabet chart materials


Start by arranging the alphabet stickers on your paper. Take a bit of time to work out how many letters will fit on each row and how many rows you can fit on the page. If you want to be extra sure, cut around each sticker while it is still on the sheet and lay them out. It certainly doesn’t have to be precise, unless that is the look you are going for.¬†When you have laid out the letters, press them down so they are firmly on the paper.

Watercolour alphabet chart stickers

Now time to paint. You can either use 1 or 2 colours or a range of different colours like I have. Totally up to you! Dip your paint brush in the water and then into the colour you have chosen. Paint one letter at a time. If you are changing colours, clean the paint brush on the paper towel in between colours. The strokes don’t have to be neat and you can layer the paint or tidy up any spots you have missed at the end.

Painting watercolour alphabet chart

Leave for a few minutes to dry and then carefully start peeling the stickers off the paper. Go slowly so the stickers don’t break and leave bits on the paper. If this does happen you can use your nails to peel it off.

easy to make watercolour alphabet chart

Voila! You now have a super cute alphabet chart for your kids room. Or a gorgeous personalised gift for a baby shower.

Are you confident with a paint brush when crafting?

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