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In the age of Pinterest perfect parties there is so much pressure on parents to throw bigger and better events for every kids birthday party. So many parents want to host a magical celebration for their kids but they just don’t know where to start. You can either go the DIY option or outsource. But what is best for you?


I personally think that if you are going to outsource one thing for your party, the entertainment should be it. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars to have someone who will keep the kids active and happy for two + hours or you could be rushed off your feet trying to get the kids to stay in a circle for pass the parcel or whatever other party games you have planned.

The good thing about hiring an entertainer is that you can tailor the activities to the kids ages and the entertainer will be experienced with kids. They can do face painting and play games or even organise a pamper party complete with manicures. Kids Entertainment Sydney do all of these things with a range of packages to suit different age groups, party sizes and interests. Leave it to them to keep the kids happy so you can enjoy the party!


Going the DIY path for decorations doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make it all yourself. Ideas for DIY decorations are:

  • Hire a helium tank from your local balloon shop and blow up the balloons yourself
  • Purchase streamers, pom poms or other paper decorations and hang them yourself
  • Use photos of the birthday girl/boy to decorate a wall (e.g. behind the cake table)
  • Pick flowers or greenery from your garden to create some little floral arrangements
  • Have your kids paint some posters to hang up as decorations (you could even get each of the kids to paint a poster as they arrive to decorate as you go!)

If you want to outsource the decorations at your party you can hire an event stylist to take care of this for you. They will likely meet with you initially to understand your theme for the party and then create a mood board and proposal of what they will create for your event. They will then come prior to the party to set up and come back after the party to pack away. The benefit here is that there is less cleaning up for you to do!


I remember as a kid we would always go to the newsagent to buy a pad of invitations for our parties! These days there are so many different options to create fun invitations. If you would like to go the DIY path, use a tool like Canva to create your invitation. If you prefer to outsource, Etsy is your best bet where you can find hundred of options that are really quite affordable. Purchase a printable option or have something custom designed. If you are having a party through Kids Entertainment Sydney they also include free themed invites. Win!


The last thing anyone wants at a party is to be stuck in the kitchen. When planning the food for your party, think about serving options that don’t require you slaving over a hot stove. Platters that you can create in advance or foods that easily heat in the oven are always good options. A BBQ is also a more social option for catering a party, especially if the BBQ is located near where the action will be happening.

If you prefer to look at outsourcing, there are so many options. As simple as platters of chicken and salad from your local chicken shop to a stylist who can co-ordinate a decadent dessert table for you. And if you have the budget you can hire a catering company to do it all! Kids Entertainment Sydney also offer High Tea parties, which include food, drinks and cake. They can be combined with entertainment and pampering to take the pressure off!


The number of guests and your willingness to spend hours after the party cleaning up will really determine where you hold your party. If you have it at home, do you have the space for your guests? What kind of clean up will be required and do you have the time to do it? Will you have to move lots of furniture etc. around to make room for the party?

Outsourcing a venue gives you a large number of options. Head to a park for an outdoor option or hire a local community hall for an indoor party. Remember that you will still have to clean up and get all your party equipment to the venue. Kids Entertainment Sydney also partner with a number of venues so working with them can give you one less thing to worry about!

Kids Entertainment Sydney is “your one-stop shop for kids entertainment’’. More than your average face painter, they have an extensive range of packages including kids pamper parties, disco and karaoke, pamper with a cruise in a hummer, high tea, jumping castle, pamper and teepee, pamper parties at a hair salon and photo booth parties. They travel all over Sydney and bring their professional and fun attitude to make your child’s party one to remember.

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