Flower crowns are a hot trend right now, great for parties and dress ups as well as a fun craft activity to do with the kids. Sydney florist, Clare Lamata, shares how you can make your own flower crown at home. It’s simpler than you may think!

You will need

4 pieces of floral wire
Green floral tape
Various flowers either fresh or fake will be fine. The best flowers to use are Spray Roses, Lisianthuses, Standard Roses, Queen Anne’s lace or Baby’s Breath, Easter Daisy, Silver Dollar Gum, Veronica and Wax flowers.

DIY Flower crown tools


1. Take two pieces of the floral wire and cross them over with the other two pieces. You will now have one long piece of wire. Wrap the ends around so they don’t stick out.

2. Measure your head (or the head of the person you are making the crown for) and cross over the other ends so you now have a circle shape.

3. Start placing the flowers around the crown. Place 2-3 pieces at a time and secure them with florist tape as you go. You may need to trim some of the leaves from the stems. Don’t worry if you can see the tape, as when the crown sits on your head, your hair will help to mask this.

steps to make a flower crown

4. As you go, ensure you are balancing the crown with a rough pattern. If you don’t like the placement of a flower, you can always undo the florist tape and place them again. Likewise, when you are finished, if you spot any gaps, you can always add in more flowers.

girl wearing flower crown


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