I’ve done vinyl and paper projects galore with my Cricut Maker, and now I’ve created the cutest DIY felt food project!

Since Cricut sent us one of their fabulous Cricut Makers, I have been going mad with paper and vinyl crafts. We’ve made crowns, castles, princesses, pumpkins, paper dolls and more. But I wanted to try something a bit different that the kids could play with and enjoy for longer than just the few minutes it takes them to make it.

I wanted to try my hand at a felt craft project so I came up with the idea of a DIY felt food no sew project. Whenever we have had felt food toys in the past, the kids have loved playing with them… so why not make our own?

Before you get started…

This is quite a large project so you will need a few hours to make it all, depending on how much you want to customise the project in Design Space.

Customising the colours of this DIY felt food project is really simple in Cricut Design Space. You can also change the size of the food and add your own individual flair.

I made the mistake of going through the whole process with the kids… trust me, don’t do that. If I was to do this project again I would cut all the felt when they weren’t around and then do the gluing together. Kids – well, my kids anyway – aren’t known for their high levels of patience while you cut out small pieces of felt for a craft project they want to get their hands on NOW.

DIY Felt Food


  • Felt – I used 9 different colours of felt for this project: red, pink, purple, blue, dark green, light green, black, white, yellow – you will need one A4 sheet of felt in each colour. If you customise or change the colours you may need more or less so it’s a good idea to customise the colours before you buy the felt so you know exactly how much you need.
  • Cricut Maker with fine point blade
  • Cricut standard grip mat
  • Craft glue and paint brush
  • Cricut Design space – you can find this Cricut Maker felt project here


1. Customise your project in Design Space – or leave it as is if you like the colours I used

Cricut Design Space DIY Felt Food

2. Prepare your first sheet of felt, sticking it the mat and feed it into the Cricut Maker.

Feeding Felt into the Cricut Maker - Cricut Crafts for Kids

3. The Cricut Maker will cut the shapes out in the felt. I made the mistake of using the rotary blade which cut through the felt into the mat. Be sure to check the material you are using and do a test first to avoid making my mistake!

Cricut Maker Felt Projects

4. As each sheet of felt is cut, peel the shapes off and stack them safely in a pile. If the kids are around, keep them out of reach as they are very tempting for little hands.

Cricut Maker Felt Projects for Kids

Cricut Maker Felt Food DIY - cut shapes

5. Now is the fun part for the kids to glue the different parts together. I used regular kids craft glue and a paint brush.

DIY Felt Food No Sew

And while I wouldn’t normally advocate for taking a 2-year-olds lead when it comes to craft, you do need to be generous with the glue to ensure the pieces stick together. The shape that Josie made was the one that stuck the best… and she used way more glue than we did on any other shape.

Felt Crafts - No Sew DIY Felt Food

6. Leave the pieces to dry and then you will have a fun little set of DIY felt play food.

Cricut Maker Felt Projects - Felt Food DIY

Felt Crafts No Sew DIY Felt Play Food

Your new felt play food

These actually turned out even better than I was expecting. I couldn’t have been happier with the result.

The Cricut Maker cuts so precisely. It would have taken me hours to cut out each of these pieces in felt… instead I could just feed the felt into the Maker and let it do it’s thing. Each time I use the Maker I am more and more amazed by its functionality and what I can create with it.

Felt Food DIY Cakes and Donut

DIY Felt Food Fried Egg

DIY Felt Play Food Sushi

Felt Play Food DIY Pizza, Chips, Pretzel

DIY Felt Fruits and Vegetables

There were a few items that I wasn’t as happy with… but I think it is because I didn’t have the right colours. The kids chose the felt colours before we finalised the project and we should have done it in the reverse. The kids still loved them!

DIY Felt Food Cookie and Ice Cream

I have two very happy kids who love their new felt play food! They are the perfect size and given how light they are, they are ideal for popping in a busy bag for travel.

Felt Craft Toys

Be sure to check out my other Cricut Maker projects! The Cricut Maker is available at Spotlight and craftonline.com.au.

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DIY Felt Food Toys Project