There is something so beautiful about receiving a personalised gift, especially when it comes from a child. Some of my favourite gifts are the cute little Mother’s Day and Christmas gifts my Little Miss has made at daycare. While we we doing some craft one day I came up with the idea for this DIY birthday card. What grandparent wouldn’t want to receive a handmade birthday card plastered with adorable photos of their grandchild?

This is the perfect craft for toddlers because you can prepare most of it in advance and aside from a little glue (which is washable if you use a kids glue), really quick to clean up. Using 1″ circles is also a good size for little fingers to be able to pick up and photos or cardboard are a good weight to be able to hold onto. And here’s how to do it:

DIY birthday card

What you will need

  • Photos
  • Scrapbooking paper or cardboard
  • 1″ circular whole punch (or you can use scissors but it will take longer)
  • Craft glue
  • Paddle pop sticks or a paintbrush
  • Blank cards

make your own birthday cards

How to make them

Start by cutting out your circles. You can use photos of your kids or the person you are giving the birthday card to. If photos aren’t your thing, scrapbooking paper in the recipients favourite colours or a favourite movie character for kids. A 1″ circular punch will make this process much easier but if you don’t have a punch, scissors will do the trick. Other shape punches would also work. If using photos you might need to use an online tool like canva to size your photos down and make them small enough to fit in a 1″ circle. Scroll through the available layouts, pop your photos in and then save so you can get it printed.

It is as simple as using the paddle pop stick to dab on the glue and then placing the picture on top to dry. Use kids craft glue so you can easily clean up any mess the kids make. Also keep a dam sponge on hand which you can use to clean up any glue that dribbles across the card.

I also made a few cards and arranged the circles before doing any gluing but kids prefer more of a free range approach so let them go for it I say!

Here are our finished products. Pretty cute, even if I do say so myself!
DIY birthday card

Do you make personalised cards or gifts for friends and family? Any other birthday card ideas you care to share?

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