Tell us about yourself?

My name is Daniela Minns and I am the owner of Baby’s Got Style online I set up Baby’s Got Style in 2004 when I was still working as a stylist/writer in magazines and didn’t have babies of my own.  I saw a gap in the market for an online store that would offer unique and stylish fashion for babies that didn’t have a cartoon character emblazoned across the front! We then began offering kids clothing(sizes 3-8) about 2 years ago in addition to our baby ranges. I’m proud to say that we now offer the largest range of children’s fashion online in Australia. Since setting up Baby’s Got Style I have had our daughter Allegra (21 months old) and am currently pregnant with baby number two due in October!

What time do you get up?

That all depends on the whims of Allegra and I’m sure will become even more erratic once her sibling arrives!

What do you wish you’d do every day, but haven’t been able to incorporate into your routine?


I want my children to know…

Unconditional love and true inner peace, calm and happiness.

Who inspires you?

Mums who are unflappable during a toddler meltdown at the supermarket. I am in awe of those women (and have started doing my groceries online).

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

That I looked terrific in a bikini at 18…

What always puts you in a good mood?

Sunshine on my face…

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Watching something grow that you began. It’s also quite surreal at times (in a good way)!

Any tips for mums thinking of starting their own business?

I’m in awe of you. I never could have started Baby’s Got Style if I had had kids to juggle! It was just too much work – particularly in those early days.

Most challenging moment to-date in running your own business?

Letting go of control.

What has been the most proud moment?

Letting go of control!

How do you balance your life as a business owner, woman, a mother, a friend?

With a moleskin diary- it’s my saviour and I am a definite lover of lists.

What’s your favourite destination in Australia for shopping?

I’ll find somewhere to shop almost anywhere I go but you’ve got to love the laneways of Melbourne’s CBD for a wander.

What’s your favourite destination overseas for shopping? 

I have enjoyed shopping in many places (!), but probably Hong Kong, New York and London have to top the list.

What is your favourite family holiday destination?

We recently took a family holiday to Port Douglas which was divine – but we love to try different places when we can. I also love Hyams Beach in NSW for a closer getaway (as we’re based in Sydney). If only the Amalfi Coast was easier to get to/ negotiate with kiddies!

What is your favourite online shopping site at the moment? 

I always enjoy a bit of cosmetics shopping at! I need to stock up on my favourite Lancome juicy tubes.

Describe your style and Allegra’s?

Unfortunately I am very predisposed to black…particularly when pregnant. I really have to work to get colour into my wardrobe more! That’s why it’s great having a daughter I can dress in every colour of the rainbow…

What is your favourite beauty find for the moment?

I’ve just discovered Avene skin calming cream. It’s a miracle worker on my pregnancy hormone upset skin!

What is Allegra’s favourite fashion find for the moment?

Allegra is crazy for her new Little Horn bubble skirt ($39.95). It’s good for the park and parties and always gets lots of comments.


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