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Last week I was invited along to an exclusive event for the launch of the new Crust Simply Better range. I get to do some pretty cool things for my job but sitting alongside Bondi Beach on a gorgeous Autumn evening eating pizza would have to be up there. Let me tell you it was worth the city traffic to be there!

The Simply Better range is just that, simply better. The ingredients are fresh, the meats are cooked in house and the bases are made with a mix of wholemeal and spelt flours for a lighter taste and a healthier alternative.

crust simply better pizza ingredients

Let me tell you about the three pizzas I sampled. First up is the Biltong Spiced Lamb. Think tender pieces of lamb, marinated in a divine spice mix and served on a tomato base and garnished with broccolini, pine nuts, slices of chilli and a fresh lime wedge. Delish!

Crust simply better biltong spiced lamb

Next up was the Harissa Hummus Chicken. Perfectly spiced chicken on a harissa hummus base (serious genius at work here – why did I never thing to use hummus on pizza before?!) and topped with chickpeas, roasted capsicum, caramelised onions, rocket and dressed with a mint yoghurt. Amazing.

Crust simply better harissa hummus chicken

And while you can’t play favourites with your children, you can with pizza, so my favourite pizza of the night was the Wagyu Shoga. The most tender and delicious Wagyu Beef on a hoisin & tomato base with wild mushrooms, green capsicum, ginger (shoga), chilli and a Japanese inspired dressing. The flavours in this one are so fresh and they just pop in your mouth.

Crust simply better Wagyu Shoga

What really appeals to me most about these pizzas is the ingredients and how they are used in the pizzas. I had never really thought about the fact the meat that goes on pizzas is pre-cooked before it arrives in store. I was able to try the meats before they went on the pizza and they were so amazingly delicious. Little morsels of tender, beautifully seasoned meats that were perfectly cooked.

Crust simply better pizza

So much thought has been put into this range with locally sourced fresh produce and flavour combinations that I never would have dreamt for pizza toppings. You can’t all enjoy your pizza by the beach at Bondi but really, what’s better than sitting on the couch with your family, enjoying their laughter and knowing that the food they are eating is simply better?

Are you a pizza lover? Have you tried the new Crust Simply Better range?


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