You may just see it as a small cup of frothy milk with chocolate dusted on top, but a babycino is so much more than that. It is a few moments of sanity in a chaotic day. It is being able to drink your coffee and drink it while it is still hot. It is eating out with your children and, even if just for those few moments while they devour their babycino, thinking that you are nailing this parenting thing.

We are babycino purists in our family. You can add some hundreds and thousands on top if you like or a cookie instead of a marshmallow to the side of the cup but going further than that is just asking for trouble. Change the beloved babycinos and it’s game over. No hot coffee for me.

I am writing this in the hopes that baristas the country over will stop committing the crimes against babycinos that I have personally experienced far too many times. May our babycinos be pure and our coffee dates long continue!

#1 The Ninja Marshmallows

I am that mum who has trained her child that the marshmallow on the side of the babycino is mummy’s. I started it when my Little Miss was too young to chew on a marshmallow and, so far, it has stuck. More marshmallows for me! And then comes the babycino with the ninja marshmallows. They sit in the bottom of the cup forming a gooey, sticky, sweet mess, depriving me of my treat, changing the sacred taste of the pure milk and turning our serene coffee date into a ticking time bomb. Keep the marshmallows on the side, guys!

#2 The Missing Froth

What is a babycino with no froth? No fun is what it is! There is nothing more disappointing than having your drink arrive only to discover that the promising froth sitting on top of the cup was just a lie and all that waits beneath is warm milk. Just scoop that froth from the top of the jug and serve it quick smart to avoid the quietly sad face of a child who has nothing to dig their spoon into. Some babycinos don’t even lie about their lack of froth and these are the worst offenders. A cup of milk does not a babycino make.

#3 The Ouchie Milkie

Hot milk + little kids = disaster. After one too many hot babycinos, as in too hot for even me to drink, served at our table, I now check each time we order one to ensure it isn’t too hot for my bubba to drink. Kids are even more sensitive to heat than we are and combine this with their serious lack of patience and someone is going to get hurt. Warm is the aim of the game!

#4 The Highway Robbery

If you are paying almost as much for a babycino as you are for a regular coffee then you are charging too much. I will pay anything for my moment of sanity and hot coffee, but give us a break – it’s just a few tablespoons of milk and a marshmallow. To those cafes that offer free babycinos, you are my favourite. You know that the struggle is real and I will be yours forever!

Have you witnessed any crimes against babycinos? 

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