If you subscribe to my newsletter you will know that I have turned to stickers to help me in getting Olivia to bed at night. I have also found that they are quite a good incentive to reward good behaviour throughout the day. As soon as I flash those stickers before her eyes, she is mesmerised and instantly shifts to angelic toddler mode – so handy for when she is resisting all my efforts to get her in the car seat so we can go home from the shops!

I feel like I will need to invest shares in a sticker company at the rate we are going. But instead I have turned to Etsy for some inspiration. There are so many gorgeous stickers out there in Etsy land. I couldn’t resist the super cute sushi ones and while the Pug ones probably aren’t great for kids, who wouldn’t want to open a letter sealed with Pugs and kisses??

kids stickers

1. Sushi roll sticker by KarolinasKrafts  2. Retro kids stickers by thejellybeanstudio  3. Sticker roll by rabbitandtheduck  4. Animal stickers by BethiesCards  5. Cute stickers by AllisonDIY  6. Pugs and kisses stickers by SiouxAlice  7. Gingerbread Men stickers by askingfortouble  8. Woodland animal stickers by mandidunbar  9. Chicks in hats stickers by chicksinhats

** I love Etsy, yes I do! And that is why I joined their affiliate program. The links in this post are affiliate links but you can be assured that I spent over an hour researching the best of the best and would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my family. You might like to read this post I wrote in 2012 about why I love buying handmade.

Do you use stickers to reward you kids? Hit me with your behaviour management tricks!

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