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I know that this is a place of no judgement, where I can be safe to be me without fear of gasps of horror and sideways glances. And that is why I can safely share this picture of my laundry. I hope some of you can relate to me. The laundry piles up and then one day hubby says to me, “I have no clean undies left” and I am suddenly forced to wash all day and night to reduce the pile. But then it builds up again. How rude! It’s my fault for not asking for help.

confessions from my laundry

My method is actually quite a good one in terms of wardrobe discovery. Every few weeks when I am feeling like I have the worst wardrobe in the world, I rediscover old favourites that I had completely forgotten about. But it is safe to say that I am not the type to race home and treat all my stains on clothes as soon as they appear. Then I end up on soak cycle trying to remove all the stains that a 12-month-old inevitably makes (hello strawberry fingerprints on a fresh white linen top – thanks Olivia).

It’s like Omo Ultimate and I were made for each other. Actively lifts 48 hour dried in stains? Tell me more! I tested it with a tutu Olivia wore last week when she was given a chocolate frog as a treat by her great grandma. There was drooly chocolate all down the front but it all came out. Hip hip hooray! I also tested out a onesie that had sweet potato and carrot muffin all smooshed into the inside of the onesie. This stain had been there for five days (don’t judge!) and I had no idea how she got it there but most of it came out. It was well and truly caked in so I was pretty impressed with that one.

clean skirt before and after

clean onesie before and after

Overall I give the Omo Ultimate a 9/10. It is priced at $12.99 and you get 20 washes so that is less than 65cents per wash. In terms of savings with not having to use additional pre-treaters, that is a win/win. It loses a point because it will now make me even slacker about washing because I know I have 48 hours up my sleeve. Sorry hubby! Look at my laundry now!

clean laundry

So you’ve seen my laundry and now I am going to show you my bathroom sink. I must be the messiest person when it comes to putting make up on. I always end up with foundation in the sink and it can be so hard to get out. It just rubs itself into the basin and I leave it there out of frustration which it makes it even worse.

drirty bathroom basin

I gave the Jif EasyLift Bathroom a go and it wiped right away. In case it makes a difference, I use microfibre cloths. The spray is priced at $6.49 but given how quick it is to use without any scrubbing, I think it is worth the money. I wasn’t a big fan of the smell. I struggle with strong smells from cleaning products and this one is quite heavy but it certainly does the job well. I give it a 7/10, losing points for the smell but otherwise a great product.

clean bathroom basin

You can find out more about these products at or

Do you have laundry overflow like me? How do you deal with foundation on bathroom surfaces? Have you used Omo Ultimate or Jif EasyLift Bathroom before? What did you think?

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