A few weeks ago I was wearing my “you got this” sweat shirt from The Hood while doing daycare drop off. I passed another mum on the way out, juggling a toddler and a newborn, and she sparked up when she saw my top. “I need that” she said. It’s amazing the difference three words on a top can make.

I usually save my “you got this” top to wear on long road trips or days when I know Little Miss is going to throw a few challenges my way. It’s comfortable and fit for purpose but every time I look down or look in the mirror, I’m reminded that I do have this. I’m strong and I can do it.

On the days you want to send a message to the world, these are the tops that will help you say it loud and proud! Some for mum, some for mums-to-be and even some for the kids.


1. ‘You got this’ tee, $34.99, thehood.net.au  2. Starlight long sleeve swear, $65, www.lornajane.com.au*  3. Queen Mum ‘best mum ever’ tee in grey, $89.95, www.queenbee.com.au*  4. Major2 long sleeve print tee, $16.95, cottonon.com*  5. Signature t-shirt (indigo), $44.94, www.eenimeeni.com  6. ‘Girls are strong’ long sleeve t-shirt, $44, www.rockyourbaby.com  7. Can’t catch me sweater, $39.95, www.seedheritage.com  8. Cap sleeve top (white), $44.95, www.eenimeeni.com  9. New Look Maternity ‘best dressed bump’ slogan tee, $19.50, www.asos.com/au  10. Pink born to sparkle t-shirt, from $18.50, au.nextdirect.com  11. Embrace cotton shell tee, $49.95, www.birdsnest.com.au*  12. Mamagama ‘all you need is sleep’ maternity top, $62.95, www.queenbee.com.au*

Do you like your clothes to make a statement? Any favourite brands/items I’ve missed that you want to share?

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