Every year as our Birthdays came around, my sister and I would sit in front of the Australian Women’s Weekly kids party cakes book and choose our cake of the year. My talented mum would then set about recreating the cake exactly to produce tasty cakes that looked like they had jumped out of the pages of the book. Unfortunately, this was not a skill I inherited and while I can bake cakes that taste awesome (or so I have been told!) I fall down on the decoration and am often embarrassed at my attempts.

Enter Cake 2 The Rescue with their AMAZING Cake Rescue Kits. Cake decorating anxiety disappears with these kits as you receive everything you need including dry ingredients, fondant, rolling pin, silver cake board and cake server to make and decorate your own fabulous cake. Just add the wet ingredients and voila you have your very own cake creation.

The Baker Girls, Lisa and Lou, from Cakes 2 The Rescue offered me a Cake Rescue Kit to trial (Yippee!). After much deliberation we chose the Whoot Dude, just because he looked so cute! To act as my assistants in trialling the cake kit I invited my six-year-old nephew, Mitchell, my two-year-old niece, Elise, and my sister-in-law, Julie, to help me.

The first thing I loved about the Cake Rescue Kit is that you bake the cake in the box the ingredients arrive in. The cake doesn’t stick to the sides as I had thought it may and it bakes beautifully. There was no extra washing up to worry about as we just threw the box in the bin when we were done. Genius!

Mixing the ingredients is just like a packet cake mix, except for the flavour. This was truly one of the mostdelicious cakes I have ever eaten. It came out of the oven a beautiful golden brown colour and we were thankful for the offcuts after cutting the owl shape so we could have a sneaky taste.

Another bonus is that for decorating novices like me, there was no need to think about how to cut the shapes or where to place them as the directions give you all of this information. All we needed to do was knead the fondant and roll it out. This was the perfect job for the kids – it is just like play dough and you can keep them occupied for a while as you cut out the shapes.

The final product looked amazing. The kids had such a fun time in making and decorating the cake and were so proud of the final product. Mitchell was even inspired to use the leftover icing to create his own masterpiece on the paper template. We felt slightly guilty that we had made the cake simply for our own pleasure (and not for a birthday celebration) but that guilt disappeared as soon as we had our first bite of the cake. Yummo!

Whatever your excuse, Cake 2 The Rescue will be your saviour in the cake department.

Thanks to the Baker Girls, you have a chance to win you very own Cake Rescue Kit. Head over to our Win page for more details.



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