Last year the lovely people at Boon sent us a Boon Bathtub and some fun accessories to review. Bath time has caused me so many issues in the past. From a sore back to worrying about all the wasted water from filling the whole tub just for one little person.

We set up our bath inside our regular tub. We fill up the bath and then pop Olivia in while we sit on the edge of the bath or the floor and supervise. When we are done we just open the plug and drain the bath. The Boon Bathtub can be used from 0-18 months. For use with a newborn you can recline it so that you can easily cradle bub and keep their head above water.

boon baby bath

Boon Naked Bath ($79.99)

Two essential requirements for bathtime in our house are bubbles and toys. And when I say toys I mean ALL of the toys in the bath at once. They usually end up on the floor by the end of bath time. The great thing about the Boon toys is that they are more than just a bath toy and encourage different areas of baby’s development. The toys teach kids about suction, puzzles, stacking, scooping, pouring, colour and fun!

boon baby bath toys

Boon bath toys L-R top to bottom: Bubbles; Links; Scrubble; Water Bugs; Stacking Boats

We store all of our toys in the Boon Frog Pod. It sticks to the wall either with double sided tape or comes with 8 suction caps. That baby isn’t going anywhere!

boon frog pod

Boon Frog Pod ($59.95)

It fits all of our toys comfortably inside. The scoop slides out so you can tip the toys in. I have also since discovered that the little shelf behind the frogs head is for keeping your bubble bath/shampoo etc.

boon frog pod

Unlike a big bulky baby bath, the Boon baby bath folds down and has a hook so you can hang it over the shower or store it behind the door. We usually leave our bath setup but do put it away if we are having guests.

boon baby bath review

How do you do bathtime in your house? Do you have a Boon Bathtub?


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