Two weeks in and feeling great. Week two I turned my focus to healthy eating to try and reign our eating habits back to what they were pre-baby. We had been eating way too much convenience food as I hadn’t been planning our meals at all.

So last week I hit the kitchen and rediscovered my love of healthy cooking. Hubby had man flu so I cooked up a big batch of lamb, vegetable and lentil soup. Soup is my ultimate winter/immune boosting/packed with veggies for a health kick go-to-food. A couple of bags of lettuce, a punnet of cherry tomatoes and an avocado were my lunch staples this week. Yum!

After having Olivia sick during week one and hubby sick last week I was pretty keen to get out on the weekend so we went to the local farmers market. You can’t beat the fresh produce you get direct from the grower. A quick curry with lite coconut milk on Saturday night and a Thai beef salad on Sunday night made great use of the fresh veg.

In terms of exercise this week I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Hubby was staying away from Olivia and I so we didn’t catch his flu and so I was on my own for the week. Pair that with Olivia still settling back into her regular routine after being sick (I.e waking 4-6 times each night) and I was a bit like a zombie. I took the sleep when the baby sleeps approach to get on top of my exhaustion and am so glad I did. I fit in the exercise when I could which is the beauty of Body Beyond Birth.

I lost another 0.4kg this week and cooked a few new healthy recipes so I’m on track with my goals. I’ve already done the week three video once and it feel like it has really kicked up a notch so looking forward to sharing my progress with you next week!


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