Last week was a test for me as hubby was away for four days so I didn’t have the extra pair of helping hands I normally do. I think we did quite well considering. Normally I do my exercise while hubby is giving Olivia a bath so this week I had to wait until she went to bed. My day on Wednesday was a complete write-off so I ended up collapsing on the couch in exhaustion and giving myself the day off.

Thursday I went to have lunch at a friend’s house. I had been asked to bring something sweet so rather than baking a sugary treat like I normally would, I prepared a beautiful fruit platter. It fit the bill with being sweet but was a bit healthier than baking a cake. The other problem with baking is that I would have inevitably made more than I needed so would have had a container of tempting treats calling my name.

I really loved the Body Beyond Birth exercise video for week three. It was tough and I found it quite challenging. I could feel it in my muscles all week so I know I was doing a good workout. The weather stopped me this week from too much walking but we did some dancing around at home and I also picked up the pace when we were walking around the shops. Every little bit counts.

As for food this week, I did attempt to make a healthy version of a beef stroganoff last night. It was the biggest cooking fail I have ever made. There was absolutely no flavour and I was so cranky with myself. Hubby didn’t seem to mind it though so he went off to work today with a container of stroga-no-flavour. Yuk! I was really organised with hubby being away and did a big grocery shop on the weekend to have everything I needed for my meals on hand at home. It worked well and I’ll try and keep that routine each week.

My weight loss was good again last week with another 0.4kg. I’m feeling better in my clothes and looking forward to trying on some of my old wardrobe in the next few weeks. For week four I am putting my walking shoes on and hitting the pavement. I’m hoping for good weather so Olivia and I can get out most days this week for some fresh air and a bit of exercise.


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