Well there is nothing like meeting your virtual trainer in real life to give you a kick up the pants! I went to One Fine Baby with hubby and Olivia on Saturday and was lucky enough to meet both Jackie and Becky from Body Beyond Birth. Can I tell you that both ladies have so much energy and it was such a pleasure to meet them! Their energy was contagious and I left feeling excited about the weeks ahead.

Hubby was away again last week so I was in super woman mode to fit everything in for the week. When he is away I always head out during the day so Olivia and I don’t go stir crazy staying at home all the time. So I found myself at the local shops with an overtired baby who just would not go to sleep. Normally she will fall asleep in her pram as I walk around but on this day she would have none of it.

I walked outside the shopping centre to try and reduce the distraction and was pushing the pram back and forth while singing trying to send Olivia off to sleep. I took advantage of the slight incline I was standing on, turned on my core muscles and made a mini workout of it. I like to call it pram exercise. I felt great after it and although I still couldn’t get Olivia to sleep, at least I had cleared my head in the fresh air!

Yesterday we went out for lunch for my father-in-laws birthday and so neither of us felt like much for dinner. Which was good because I hadn’t done any grocery shopping so there wasn’t much to eat! What I did have was eggs, sweet potato and spinach so I whipped up some tasty baked eggs. It was so simple but really delicious and healthy.

My choices this week saw me loose 0.8kg which is my biggest loss so far. I’m sure those old jeans will be fitting me soon!


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