To all you mums who had newborns who don’t sleep, I salute you. I am so fortunate that I have a daughter who has been an amazing sleeper right from the start. The only true sleepless night I encountered was when she was sick with her first cold. And then two weeks ago, Olivia hit the dreaded eight month sleep regression. I had heard of these sleep regressions and cockily thought, ‘that won’t happen to my baby’. I wasn’t prepared at all and have just had the two toughest weeks in my short time as a mum.

The only way we could get Olivia to sleep at night was to put her in the car and drive until she fell asleep. During the day I would put her in the pram and rock her back and forth until she fell asleep. Sometimes this was taking 30 minutes or more. I went to the Gold Coast for Problogger on the Thursday of week nine and my amazing mum was watching Olivia during the day. It was a really exhausting time spending more time getting Olivia to sleep than anything else. Mum and I came home on the Sunday needing a holiday.

Halfway through week ten I had had enough. I was exhausted and so was Olivia. She needed sleep but would resist any attempt to get her to sleep. I ended up phoning Tresilian and they gave me the advice to try controlled crying. I was nearly in tears myself but since then that is what I have been doing and it is working. Olivia has adjusted to the new way of going to bed really quickly and despite a few tears at every sleep time we are all better off for it as we are actually sleeping!

While this was happening I also decided to take on the Live It Do It Sugar Free September challenge. So while I wasn’t doing as much exercise as I would like I have been eating so much better. In fact over the last two weeks I actually lost 2.5kg. It is probably a combination of stress, clean eating and the little exercise and Body Beyond Birth videos I have been able to fit into my few minutes a day.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that while I was packing for Problogger, I tried on a pair of my old jeans and they fit! Now I can tick that goal off my list and I am so so so happy. Less than 1.5kg to go in the next two weeks and I will meet my goal of losing 7kg. This weeks challenge will be a clingy baby who just wants mummy. We’ll see how mummy fits it all in!


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