The plan last week was to get my walking shoes on and hit the pavement. The weather had other plans though and so my daily walks turned into walks whenever the sun was shining and I had a happy baby who would sit in the pram long enough for a walk. I swear I work up a sweat just planning my week! But whether I am able to follow the plan strictly or not, I am loving the flow on effects the Body Beyond Birth program is having on my life.

Aside from having more energy I am also finding that I am planning my time better so that I can fit everything in. My 20-minute exercise videos and walks with Olivia are now a must in my day and my routine is built around ensuring I get my mummy time in each day. Last week I also discovered that being healthy means more than just how I look and feel, it is creating opportunities for me to spend more time with my baby girl. Our regular trips to the park are becoming a favourite activity for both of us. She holds on to the sides of the swing laughing away as I gently push her back and forth. The sound of your baby’s laughter is the best sound in the world and seeing the grin creep across her face is the main thing that gets me back exercising day after day.

Last week was another milestone for me as I FINALLY packed away my maternity clothes. Up until a few weeks ago I had still been wearing my maternity jeans, not because I needed to but because they were comfortable and safe. I decided to take the plunge and remove the security blanket by packing them away. I’m not back into my old jeans yet but I had bought a pair of new jeans a couple of months ago and they now fit perfectly. Only one more size to drop!

I lost another 300g last week. I wish I had been able to walk more but that is life! For healthy eating this week we did pretty well. I made the most delicious honey soy chicken for dinner on Tuesday night. Rather than serving it with rice we had steamed greens and it was the nicest meal I have cooked in a long time. So easy too!

The challenge heading in to week five is that I am travelling to Melbourne so will be tempted by the amazing Melbourne food and Olivia will be out of her usual environment so I’m not sure if she will sit happily while I exercise for 20 minutes. I will be doing a heap of walking though so it should all balance out.

I’m just curious, how many months after your baby was born did you pack away your maternity clothes?


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