The last two weeks have been crazy in my world. And crazy has meant that I haven’t been very active in a health sense. It started with a trip to Melbourne during week five for Kids In Style and a few meetings. Olivia and I had a great time getting around Melbourne and did heaps of walking but I couldn’t find any time to do my BBB video while we were there. Hubby was also in Melbourne working long hours and witching hour in a hotel room is a whole lot harder than witching hour with all the usual distractions at home. We barely made it out the door each night for dinner with our various friends who live in Melbourne.
As soon as we arrived back in Sydney I was head down into the August/September issue. I have one week every two months, the week before deadline, that I work like a lunatic to bring all the elements of Kid Magazine together. Just quietly I was really proud of this issue, you should have a read here.
So I had a bad couple of weeks in terms of being able to fit in as much exercise as I would like but I did take away some positives. Here is what I did and you can do for some mum wellbeing on the go and during those super busy times.
1. I was more conscious of the fact that I needed to get active so I took every opportunity to walk, even getting off the tram a couple of stops early to walk further
2. Normally in my deadline week we order a lot of takeaway and eat terribly. This time I had planned a bit in advance and stocked up on ingredients for some easy meals I could throw together. Over the next few weeks I will also be freezing some meals to make it even easier for the next deadline week.
3. It is possible to eat well while you are traveling! I packed my water bottle to fill up each night in the hotel as well as a few handbag snacks for during the day. While I was in the city, I stopped by a food court and picked up some fruit salad for breakfast the next day, along with a small packed of cereal and some milk.
4. Despite not being as active as I would wish I managed to maintain my weight for the last two weeks. A bit of a surprise really as we did have quite a feast at a dumpling restaurant one evening in Melbourne. Last week, one of the dishes I made was a pork and vegetable curry and I used yoghurt instead of coconut cream. I am also a bit of an ice-cream addict so have been keeping plenty of yoghurt in the fridge to eat with some fruit when the ice-cream cravings hit.
I won’t dwell on a bad couple of weeks but rather look forward to what this week will bring!
Do you have any tips for fitting exercise in to those crazy weeks?


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