I am a big fan of baby wearing. When Olivia was a newborn I had a Peanutshell sling and every time I put her in it she was guaranteed to fall asleep. I loved it! But now I have a very independent bubba who does not like to be strapped down to anything! Last week I set myself the mission of starting to get Olivia used to the Ergobaby carrier so that I could be more mobile!

I like the idea of being able to walk around hands free while Olivia is in the carrier and I also thought it was a good way to be able to fit in some exercise for both myself and our poor neglected dogs who don’t get near as many walk as they used to. Surprisingly Olivia has taken well to the carrier as long as we are constantly on the move!

Other than getting involved in more babywearing this week I also had a good healthy eating week. Strawberries are so beautiful and fresh at the moment that we have been eating loads of them. I also made a beautiful beetroot and quinoa salad with some lean pork for dinner. I slow roasted the beetroot and it was sooooo delicious.

I’m still loving the BBB videos. At times this week I was cursing Becky but it really is such a great program that i can fit in to my busy schedule and not have to worry about organising a babysitter or crèche. I’m so happy with my weight loss and how I am generally feeling. Last week I lost another 0.7kg. Yay!

This week is a big one as hubby is away again and then I’m heading to Problogger on Thursday. Stay tuned!


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