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Birthday cake inspiration

At Kid Magazine we love to try new things so when we were inspired to make a rainbow birthday cake we just had to try it out (it was to share with our readers and not to indulge in rainbow cake deliciousness – we promise). We are no test kitchen but we are pretty pleased with the result and if we can do it we know you can too.

We used a Green’s sponge cake mix, Queen food colouring and Betty Crocker frosting. The beauty of this cake is you can use any tried and tested sponge recipe (or a packet sponge mix like we did!) with whatever colours and frosting you choose. Use natural colourings to reduce the sugar content of the cake.

Mix the sponge ingredients as per the directions. Before placing in the cake tins you will need to colour the mix in your chosen colours. Divide the mixture in to the number of layers required and add the colourings of your choice.

Bake each coloured layer separately – this is fiddly bit but well worth it when you see the final result. When all layers are baked, ice them with a generous amount of your chosen frosting one layer at a time.

We didn’t decorate our cake aside from the frosting, as the wow factor is when you slice into it and see the delightful layers of colour. However, you could use cachous, flowers, rice paper images or any other decoration of your choice to add that personal finishing touch.

A simple Google search for ‘kids birthday cake recipes’ will give you endless ideas for any skill level. Here are a few of our favourite

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