When you fall pregnant, one of the first things you need to do is update your underwear drawer. Early changes in your breasts mean your regular bras no longer fit and while your regular clothes may be able to accommodate your growing belly, there is nothing worth than undies that dig in. I’ve done some digging to find the best maternity underwear that is practical AND sexy.

Anti-beige bras

Shopping for a maternity bra can be a soul-crushing experience. So. Much. Beige. But, it’s not all bad news! My absolute favourite maternity bras are from Hot Milk. I wore them throughout both my pregnancies and while I was breastfeeding. They have a range of gorgeous designs that are both sexy and practical. Lots of lace and fun colours, as well as simple classic designs for everyday. They go from A to H cup so cater for a large range of sizes. Most styles also have matching underpants available if you are a matchy kinda girl.

Compression and support

In my second pregnancy, I couldn’t even roll over in bed at night without shooting pains in my pelvis. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it can certainly take it’s toll on your body. SRC Compression Leggings and shorts are designed to reduce some of these pains including lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic instability, pelvic girdle pain, mild varicose veins and vulval varicosities. The graduated compression acts to support the muscles of the pelvis, and activates your muscles promoting core and pelvic stability. You can sleep in them for overnight support or wear them throughout the day while moving around. The fabric is thick (i.e. not see through!), soft and breathable. We may be stretching it on the sexy with this one but to be honest, the reduction in pain does wonders for making you feel more like yourself! SRC also have a range of garments to assist with postpartum recovery from C-section, perineal trauma and abdominal muscle separation.

Smooth lines

Pregnancy always gives me so much body confidence and I love showing off my bump. But I also like to have smooth lines and some extra support. So with my last pregnancy I tried out Mumaskin shapewear. The Mumaskin shorts, available in nude and black, are high waisted and knee length to avoid thigh and back bulge. They are comfortable, soft, stretchy and supportive. My Mumaskin shorts were a really valuable addition to my maternity wardrobe.


I don’t wear pantyhose as often as I used to in my early corporate days, but while I was pregnant I wore the Ambra Baby Bump sheer nude maternity tights available from Queen Bee Maternity. They have a shaped front panel to accommodate your bump and I found that they were quite durable unlike other tights or pantyhose which ladder while you are putting them on. They have a satin finish and give you lovely smooth legs. Just like the rest of the Ambra range, these are a quality product.

Leaks and the like

Pregnancy and childbirth is about as unglamorous as it gets. Discharge, leaking breasts, the whole shebang. Modibodi is a range of period proof underwear but they also have a maternity range. The underpants feature a moisture wicking, absorbent, antibacterial, stain resistant, breathable, waterproof liner to keep you dry and fresh from any bladder leakage, discharge, sweat or odour. What I particulalry love is the breastfeeding singlet which also features the Modibodi patented modifier technology to wick and absorb any milk leaks. Plus the range is all bamboo, super luxe and comfy. In terms of the best maternity underwear, it doesn’t get more practical than this!

This post includes affiliate links. I only recommend products that I have or would buy for myself or my family. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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