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Bambeano (pronounced bam-bean-oh) is a baby range of high quality, laboratory tested baby beanbags with an energetic, fun, highly addictive design vibe that is fresh and out of this world! It is brought you by the makers of Australia’s number one baby bean bag, the Chibebe Snuggle Pod! Chibebe has become a name synonymous with quality, safety and design. And Bambeano is their latest offering!

Both Chibebe AND Bambeano brands are laboratory tested, as quality and safety are not something we are willing to compromise on. We have a reputation for regularly testing and retesting our products to maintain our high quality standards, to ensure optimum health and safety for babies. As far as our knowledge extends, we are the ONLY baby beanbag manufacturers in Australia to do this! This is because your babys health and safety are our highest priority.

Now there are two stars in the world of baby bean bags….Chibebe AND Bambeano. And they have fans all over the country going poddy for them!