Lou Duggan know to her loyal customers as “Baker Girl Lou” is the Owner of on-line DIY Cake Kit company – Cake 2 The Rescue. With a company motto like “hero status for minimal stress, achievable for all levels of baker, even after 2 glasses of wine!”  it’s no wonder that Cake 2 The Rescue is a sensational hit with time poor parents! The winner of the recent Brilliant Biz Mums Client Delight Award, Lou answered a few questions about baking, biz and party trends.

Baker Girl Lou from Cake 2 The Rescue

How did Cake 2 The Rescue come about?

As a mum of three, I’ve done the 2am finishes trying to create a surprise birthday cake, stressed to the max, four glasses of wine in and praying for a miracle. Cake 2 The Rescue was founded to put an end to the stress of creating a home-made birthday cake. After 10 years of making kids cakes, you learn what works, what doesn’t, what’s achievable and what designs should be left to the expertise of Donna Hay!

What changes in party trends have you seen while you’ve been running Cake 2 The Rescue?

I can tell you one thing, Pinterest has a lot to answer for!!! We are now being thrown so many images of what your party should or could look like – if you are prepared to commit hours of work and hand over your bank balance LOL!!

But never have I experienced anything like the never ending obsession with Unicorns!!  We brought out a Rainbow Unicorn last year and it outsold anything from the last 7 years! I thought we were passed it then my customers begged for a new “Big Eyes” rainbow unicorn with  a “flower crown” and the whole roller coaster went nuts again. It’s our biggest seller by far.

What tips do you have for parents to keep their parties simple and stress free?

Be realistic about how much time you have and what you want to spend before you even start planning the type and location of party you want to host. For example, if you don’t have time to clean the house and cut the lawn as well as organise a party, maybe a party at home is not for you. If you are anything like me and really love going over the top for parties, get organised well in advance so you can enjoy yourself along the way. I created an awesome party planner for my customers, you can download a copy here:

What is your current favourite party trend?

Mexican Fiesta hands down! It’s so bright and vibrant and fun. The colour scheme of Lime, Dark Purple, Bright Blue, Hot Pink and Orange is just gorgeous and perfect for mixed parties too. Add Llama’s with flower crowns and a cute Cactus or 2 and it’s just beyond cute!!   

What has been your greatest challenge in running Cake 2 The Rescue?

We are a small business which started from scratch with no marketing budget. Our DIY Cake Kits are a really unique product and so people don’t always know they exist. We’ve had to rely on customers to spread the word and tell their friends.  The other thing I find is that parents put so much pressure on themselves to make everything perfect. They miss the point that their kids don’t care about crumbs in the icing or a wonky unicorn horn. All they see is a beautiful homemade cake, made with love, by someone they love more than anyone else in the world. A moment they will treasure and remember for ever. Once people have used the kits and experienced their child’s joy, they understand the magic and never look back.

Why do you think Cake 2 The Rescue has been so successful?

There are the more obvious things, the designs are super cute, they taste good, are awesome value for money, easy to make. And of course you don’t have to run around like a maniac trying to find all the bits yourself with one toddler pulling your arm out of the socket and a baby in desperate need of a sleep. Man do I remember those days with 3 kids under 5!! But I think what really makes it successful is the beautiful community of parents who support the brand, who are the brand. It’s the most unexpected and beautiful gift Cake 2 The Rescue has brought to my life. Our Facebook private community is a nurturing, safe environment where parents support and encourage each other to bake homemade cakes and to put perfection to one side and focus on love instead.

Cake 2 The Rescue Stats

Most popular: Anything Unicorn

Number of designs: Over 200

Lou’s Favourite: Monster Truck

Cake kits sold: Over 25,000

Lou’s kids love: Chocoholic

Most recent: Llama

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