By now you may have heard about the greedy parents who have created headlines by the present grabbing poems they sent to guests after their baby shower. Reported by, ‘friends’ who weren’t able to attend the shower were sent a poem advising where they could purchase a preferred gift for the parents-to-be or told to just send cheques. Even worse was for the guests who did attend but purchased a gift that wasn’t to the couples liking. These poor ‘friends’ were sent a separate poem advising them how to “fix” their error and purchase a gift more suitable for the upcoming arrival. WOW

This is an extreme example of baby shower etiquette gone wrong but the area of baby showers does seem to be a bit murky. Parenting forums go mad with mummy’s-to-be asking questions on what is acceptable or not for a shower. I love a good baby shower so here are a few safe rules to stick by for a shower that everyone will enjoy.

A baby shower is generally only for a couple’s first baby. If you are having baby number two and are of the belief that every baby should be celebrated then consider having just a casual lunch with close friends/family. Don’t send out formal invites and keep the organisation low key. This way you can have a toast to baby, spend time with your nearest and dearest before your hands become even fuller and you aren’t going to put any noses out of joint.

If you receive gifts from guests you will need to send thank you cards. People understand that as a heavily pregnant woman it may take you awhile to get through writing these so it may take you longer than normal but nonetheless thank you cards are essential. Another idea is to send a photo to each guest with baby using/wearing their gift. It shows them that you appreciated the gift and is completely personalised. Whether you open gifts while guests are present is entirely up to you.

Unlike the greedy parents reported at, your guest list should only be close friends and family and not friends of friends or acquaintances. Your guest list will also determine the mood of your shower and whether you play games or not. You may be a big lover or baby shower games but if your guests will glaze over at just the thought of it then it is probably best to skip or at least limit the games. Take the time at the shower to sit down and chat with each of your guests. It may be the last time in a while that you can have such a leisurely day!

Have you had an awkward baby shower experience? Or do you have another rule to add to these ones?


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