Being a mum is tough stuff. I’ve got the looking after baby thing down pat as well as running my business and taking a little bit of me time just to maintain sanity. As much as I would love to say that I have a beautifully clean house, the truth is that most of the time my house is in a state of somewhat organised chaos, the washing is piling up and I plan my meals way too close to dinner to really cook anything nice. I have two things saving me from my house being swallowed into a black hole. The first is google. The second is my own mum and grandma.

I am regularly on the phone to mum and grandma to ask for advice. When I needed to make a set of curtains for our windows, I called grandma who of course knew how to make them. When I needed a spectacular dessert for a dinner party I called mum for her caramel pecan mousse recipe. When I had to clean my very limited collection of silverware I called mum for her tips on what to do. And when I had killed every plant in my garden I called grandma for advice on what I’m doing wrong. (Hot tip: you need to water plants REGULARLY to keep them alive…)

It is no wonder that grandmothers know so much. They were domestic goddesses long before the invention of the Internet. They didn’t have pinterest boards to inspire them or access to apps to find a quick dinner recipe. They were equipped with the practical know how for any number of homemaking tasks. And the younger generations can learn so much from their knowledgeable elders! That is why home website, homeheaven is looking for Australia’s most knowledgeable Nan.

Until 4pm on Friday 27 June 2014 you can nominate the knowledgeable Nan in your life at The public will then vote the winner and the top 10 Nans will be invited on to the homeheaven expert panel. The winning Nan will receive a luxury prize including free house cleaning, a grocery shopping done for her, along with ‘a Night in with Nan’ package to enjoy with her nominator that includes a massage, manicure, dinner, a movie and snacks.


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