I’m just putting it out there but bedtime sucks. I LOVE my own bedtime, collapsing into my comfy bed at the end of a long day. But the kids bedtime is like pulling teeth while sticking pins in my eyes. The excuses to stay up, the requests to read “just one more book”, the tears, all the tears! Is it just me?

Whatever your reason for wanting a more peaceful bedtime for your kids, here you are. And I want to introduce you to something that you may not have tried. I’m not promising it will work, but if you are desperate then it’s worth a go right?

That thing is audio. We use white noise to help babies get to sleep so why not use noise or audio to help toddlers and older kids? Some children are happy enough at bedtime to have mum or dad read them a story and then leave while they settle themselves to sleep. Others, like mine, want mum or dad to stay in the room until they fall asleep and then will sometimes wake up as you sneak out of the room. This is for those kids.

So how do you build audio into your bedtime routine?

The idea is that you do your normal bedtime routine, whatever that looks like for you, and then pop on the audio while your kids drift off to sleep. You may like to sit on a chair in the room or leave the room altogether.

If your kids are used to you being in the room, you could start by sitting in the room and over days or weeks gradually start leaving your child alone to listen to the audio. I’m an advocate of whatever works.

What I like about using audio at bedtime is that it’s a really peaceful way to drift off to sleep. Usually the voices are soothing and encourage relaxation which is what you want at bedtime.

Options for audio bedtime stories


The best thing about podcasts is that there are so many available and they are free! I would always recommend listening to podcasts before you let your kids listen to them as with any free content on the web, you might find something inappropriate for kids. My favourite story podcasts for kids are Storynory – Stories for KidsThe Story Home Children’s Audio Stories and Bedtime Stories Fairytales and Folk Tales from the Lilypad for kids

Audio books

Another great option if you prefer a CD or to have more choice of stories. If you hit up a store like Dymocks* or Booktopia* you will find a huge range of audio bedtime stories for different ages. Older kids might like a series while for younger kids nursery rhymes or fairytales are good options. I have heard amazing things about the Dinosnores series which are specifically created to help make bedtime happier.


If stories aren’t your thing then music might be the way to go. Purchase albums or individual tracks on iTunes or buy actual CDs. Whatever works for you.

Record your own voice

Finally, if your kids still want the comfort of having you in the room, you could record yourself reading a few of their favourite books and play these at bedtime. There are loads of apps you can use to record your voice and this is another free option.

Of course, at the end of the day, you know what will work for your kids. If that is audio, great! If not, what do you find works? I would love to know!

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