Party by @mali_and_v

Kara Hollai, Beaumont Hills, Sydney Mum wanted to give her creative youngest daughter a fun and messy party! After reviewing theme ideas an Art Studio was decided for Amalia’s 3rd Birthday. The party consisted of her sister Vienna (aged 5) and 11 of her preschool friends.

kids art studio party room setup

The focus was on FUN and MESS! Being 3, the activities needed to be interactive, entertaining and easy! Most pre-schoolers attention span last 10-15 mins max. per activity so over 2.5 hours it was all about how much mess we could make. Truly though the house didn’t get damaged…. no evidence of the party remains.

The girls outfits and Amalia’s paint apron were handmade by instagram store owner Skye based in QLD @zpthelabel and the headpiece was by @frankie_and_jojo also on insta based on Melbourne.

kids art party

The backdrop was a custom file created from a Etsy Store (hamandpea) and then a local events company had a connection to a professional banner printer (instagram page youandmebynelmans)

The cake table featured an art theme chocolate and carmel mud cake alongside edible cookies in the shapes of paint brushes, paint palettes and cupcakes. Twister lollies (eBay) were also used to flow out of a paint tin. The rest of the table featured every art and craft supply to be used during the party. This included Slime Powder tubes (from @sweetelephants), (only had to add 120ml to a clear bowl the kids poured in the powder and played), Playdough (Kmart), Paint, Brushes, Pencils and Crayons (all Kmart)

art party supplies table

art party cake table

An additional table was set up with all the party favours so the guests could continue their love for craft at home. These included boxes of crayons, paint pallettes, highlighters, pencils, bubbles and erasers (again all from Kmart).

Each child received their own apron. The children decorated their own shirts which were $2 each from Kmart and also used Kmart Puffer paint.

The biggest success was the paint wall which was a Bunnings painters plastic backed drop sheet nailed to the fence with another one on the grass. We had buckets of water ready to dunk in hands and feet!

Hubby is a pastry chef so he organised the edible cookies and his colleague did the cake – their business is Continental Patisserie in Silverwater.

art party cake

Instead of the kids waiting for the cake to be cut they were each presented with a cupcake surrounded by different sprinkle for them to create their dessert masterpiece.

Everyone left adequately exhausted including the parents!

We did have a clown entertainer to help me keep the kids focused even though I was hands on every step of the way. Phillippa is from @fairyfun_kids_parties

art party table setup