Rendering me speechless is about as rare an occurrence as my husband admitting I was right (or more importantly admitting he was wrong). My two-going-on-fifteen-year old niece however has the power to stun, amaze and completely remove all words from my vocabulary. Our recent encounter went something like this:

Me: “Why don’t you listen to your Mummy?”
Miss Two: “NO!!!!”
Me: “You should listen to your Mummy. I listen to my Mummy.”
Miss Two: Ponders, “You listen to your Mummy?”
Me: “Yes all the time.”
Miss Two: “And you brush your teeth?”
Me: Thrilled with the breakthrough I had just scored, “Yes and I go to bed when I am told too. Mummy’s are always right.”
Miss Two: A further moment to ponder, “Mummy’s are wrong.”
Me: “Well, who told you that?”
Miss Two: Without any hesitation, “Your Mummy!”

Like a smack in the face, Miss Two had hit back at my naïve attempt to transform her into a perfectly obedient angel and had used my own mother against me. The horror of it.I am no “Mummy Blogger”. I hate the term and the fact I have no children disqualifies me from holding the title. What I am is a passionatefashion & beauty editor who was left to reflect on what my role as an Aunty is. One thing I know for sure is they say it takes a village to raise a child and I wouldn’t give up my spot in my niece and nephew’s village for, well anything really.

In my journey from daughter, sister, friend to add Aunty to my title list I have discovered what I call my “Aunty self”. Fun and silly, a little too generous, overly cautious of hazards (they tell me kids are sturdy but I’m not so sure), firm when I absolutely need to be and filled with so much love for these little people.

This story started with the title “A lesson with Aunty Sara” but soon after starting to write I realised that my niece had taught me more in this little interaction than I had taught her. She had forced me to reflect and was truly keeping me on my toes. Let’s put aside the lesson in power politics in which she had taken the upper hand and crushed my once hopeful spirit. At least she claimed victory in style and made her Aunty Sara proud.


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